pieces of my mosaic

Tiffany Gowesky

Beginning a blog is sort of like taking the first baby step towards a goal that is unknown.  An unknown place you know you want to end up at, but your just unsure how to get there.

Somehow between the legos scattered across the floor, potty training the child who can hold her pee like an Olympian, and packing the never ending school lunches, I am hoping to find a place where I am still me.  The person that God created as an individual, the one that existed before the diapers and car seats.

I’m hoping this journey will help me be able to view this chaotic season from a different perspective.  In stepping back, my prayer will be that the brilliance of each piece of my life shines so brightly that there is no denying that God is near.  Even in the moments where I can’t feel Him, He is still moving the pieces of my life to His perfect order.

Life in this small corner of the world is usually messy, full of self doubt, and not always pretty.  But there are moments in there that I want to remember, ones I don’t want to push to the side because their not perfect.

These posts may end up just being a journey to all things that bring my heart closer to the one who created it.  Whether thats through cooking a new recipe, channeling some creativity, or just having family time. These are all the pieces that make up this mosaic of a life that I am so blessed to have.  I want to not just be a part of my life but discover and explore the life God has given me.

Here’s to new beginnings and to a courageous first leap of faith!


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