balsamic glaze- mvp of the summer

We have really tried to do a lot of grilling this summer, my personal goal was to try to not turn the oven on at all cooking our whole dinner on the grill.  Our fresh box really helped us not only eat healthier but it exposed us to a lot of types of food I wouldn’t normally buy.  Every Tuesday we drive right into Westfield and pull up next to Alan’s Orchard for curbside pick up, you cannot get any more convenient than that.  They also allow you to skip a week if your away, works great if you remember to call and say your away!  If you forget, which we just did last week, I just called a friend and passed on a big box of fresh fruit and veggies.  Who wouldn’t love that?

We have had everything from swiss chard, bok choy, leeks, eggplant, beets, lemon cucumbers, blueberries and even dandelion greens.  That last one somehow made it into the compost pile and wasn’t eaten, I know I know I wasted food, I just couldn’t eat a weed!  Its been a good summer challenge to try and create recipes and eat the whole contents of the box before we get our new one.  Ideally I wish we lived close enough to a farm to be a part of a CSA, but up here in North Jersey this is the closest thing we have.  I love the idea of eating locally and love that we are supporting farmers right here in NJ.

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Our daughter Gracie with our weekly produce

We are constantly making the super simple caprese salad as a side to our meals.  Just cut in half some sweet baby girl tomatoes, toss in some cut up basil and dice up some fresh mozzarella.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper, add a swig of olive oil and then top it off with the holy mother of all summer staples, balsamic glaze.  Let me introduce you to her—


There she is in her glory, we first found it at Costco, and then of course what Costco always does when you fall in love with something–they stop carrying it!  I have since seen it there again but have also found a smaller version of this at Trader Joe’s.  It’s simply a balsamic wine reduction, but the difference between this and ordinary balsamic vinegar is just unreal.

We have literally put this on everything!  Its amazing on salmon with tomatoes and feta on top, pop it on asparagus before it goes in the oven, its killer over mushrooms, and even grilled chicken loves to be smothered in it.  We have friends that even pour it over some desserts!  If you have not tried the Gowesky summer staple, balsamic glaze, jump on the band wagon and go get yourself some.  This girl can be used with grilling way into the fall and I’m sure we will figure out a way to make her last through the winter months.


Get yourself to a store nearest you and make this a must have before summer ends!


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