summer moments

It’s funny how every June, we moms are just waiting for school to be done, counting down the days until the schedule ends and the freedom of summer begins.  But then come mid August we (ok maybe just me) are on our knees praying school would begin so we won’t have to be camp counselor for another day.  I was a little nervous about how summer would be with all the kids home, one of which requires a three-hour nap each day.  Yes, yes I know it’s a blessing she sleeps so long, but it can be a curse too when the very thought of not being able to physically leave your house feels suffocating sometimes.

Truth be told we had a great summer overall, partially due to the discovery of perler beads and the endless five dollar jar from ikea that required my ironing board to have a permanent space in our living room.  I slowly started to enjoy ironing each one and picking up the remnants all summer long, thinking about how this would be the summer of those plastic beads everywhere.  Any toy or craft that occupies my children for a solid hour is worth any sacrifice on my end.

I thought it would be fun to highlight some of our summer fun, hoping to somehow visually cover up the constant chatter, questions, and bickering that NEVER happened this summer at our house!

  • We visited NYC and saw the natural history museum.
  • Did our annual Cape Hatteras vacation with the infamous 10 cent shrimp.
  • Taught our kids the best game on earth, cornhole!
  • Swam in the pool, had fires in the backyard, made endless cubes of pesto from the garden.
  • Conquered going to the beach with friends with no dads to carry all of our stuff!
  • Ate tons of fish and mussels from Peter’s spear fishing expeditions, and froze a thousand blueberries from our CSA boxes for future muffins.
  • Peter graduated seminary and we are so all so proud of him!!!  Yay for regaining our Tuesday nights!
  • Said goodbye to great friends as they followed their calling to North Point Church in Georgia, excited for them but selfishly sad they left!
  • Noah went to Camp Rock for the first time at our church and if you couldn’t already tell from the picture, he loved it.
  • Gracie learned to boogie board and could NOT stop talking about it to anyone who would listen.
  • Leah’s favorite activity was eating snacks all day long on the beach!  I am pretty sure she associates beach with I can eat junk food all day long because my mom will do anything to rid her guilt of not giving me my 3 hour nap.

All joking aside, this summer I tried with all my might to be in the moment.  I wanted to not just send them in the backyard to play, but sit out there with them hearing their endless stories of cicadas and fairy houses.  I wanted to push myself  to stop what I was doing to read whatever book Leah brought me, even if I could already recite “Goodnight Moon” with my eyes closed.

Oh dear Lord, don’t even get me started on Noah’s new fixation with Monopoly, the game that literally never ends!  Who created that game anyway?!?!  Granted there were days this summer where I might have let the “30 minutes of electronics” turn into 60 or even 80, just so I could read my own book (even though I do love that lady with the bowl full of mush)–goodnight moon reference for those of you without a toddler!

I was talking with a friend tonight about how there are going to be days where we hit it out of the park in the mom department, and there will be days that were too ashamed to even talk about what happened.  But it doesn’t mean we aren’t great moms or that we don’t love our kids as much as that other mom, who walks around gushing about how fabulous their summer was.

One of the most beautiful verses I have come across is in Lamentations where it says, “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; THEY ARE NEW EVERY MORNING, great is your faithfulness.”  Just as the sun rises it brings with it a gentle reminder that this is a new day and we are given the opportunity to begin again.  It doesn’t matter how awful the day before was, or how you failed at getting every task checked off your list or if you let some moments pass you by.  Each new day brings an amazing gift to try again to be the mom, the wife, the friend, and the person you want to be.


summer kid photo


  1. Love!!! Thanks for sharing and for the encouragement.

  2. Could not agree with you more. Trying to appreciate every moment with my girls. Although sometimes hard, the reward is that much greater. Thank you for sharing this post- made me miss you even more! :)

  3. Catching up on your blog, and wanted to let you know I love it! Especially this post, feeling very encouraged :)

    • So happy to hear that! You seriously were a huge inspiration to launch it! I love reading about your life and your decorating projects!!! You have a gift Jen! Loved the dark wall you did in your bedroom!

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