more to pour


I have acquired a new love with being awake before anyone else is in the house.  It sort of feels like I am stealing away moments for myself before I start giving them up all day.  Even if its only thirty or twenty minutes, they are so fulfilling.  They help me remember to slow down, they inspire me to look for the blessings to come, and they teach me that sacrifice is rewarding.

I do not in any way desire to leave the warmth of my bed, my body fights me relentlessy every morning.   But knowing how refreshed I will feel starting the day before the chaos, is what pulls me out.  Its enticing enough that I am able to pull myself out of the warmth and into the warmth of something greater.  The stillness is something I crave, especially in this stage of life.

I am learning that filling my cup helps me have more to pour.

  • Sometimes it’s more patience that I need to be filled with when the day before presented exhausting endless strong-willed fights.
  • Sometimes it’s more self-control, when I reflect on words that were thrown towards others instead of gently given.
  • Sometimes its more strength, when the word tired doesn’t really begin to explain the level of fatigue.
  • Sometimes it’s more grace, when mistakes are made and expectations are not met.
  • Sometimes it’s simply just more love.

More love to the man who strives to lead our family, to the children I prayed for, to the family and friends that lift me up when I can’t move.  Even though I know I love the people around me – bitterness, judgment, and jealousy somehow rise to the surface before love.

Its in quiet moments of the mornings that I pray that God will fill me with all I need to pour out that day.  The beauty of it is that He always does.

He always gives me what I need, prepares me for what’s ahead, and stays by my side through the course that hasn’t yet been marked.

I am reminded daily that I just need to ask.

I need to make time to come before Him and simply ask.


  1. Becky Leman says:

    Very inspiring and well written Tiffany. I look forward to reading more of your posts!

  2. I loved this one. Great job Tiffany.

  3. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for inspiring me and encouraging me.

  4. Loved this Tiffany! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Great job Tiffany! Perfect timing/reminder for me. I have been wanting/ needing to do this more myself!! Thanks for sharing your heart and encouraging lots of other women:-)

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