Five on Friday

Not to rub it in or anything but this Friday I am waking up at the beach!

Linking up again with The Good Life for five random things on Friday.

1.  My oldest is 8

This week my oldest is turning eight, and we snuck away to celebrate the big guy this weekend!

How did we go from this to this?  Time flew by….


2.  Erin Condren

I am loving my Erin Condren planner this year.  I paid a little extra to have it for 18 months, and it was such a good decision.  I totally am aware that is it a lot to spend on a planner, but it has everything!  I had one a couple of years ago and it was such a treat that I enjoyed the whole year!


3.  Boot obsession

All I can think about is boots this year!  I haven’t officially worn them yet, but its just around the corner.  Seriously what did I wear before boots were in?!  I am seriously the type of person that stalks people with cute boots.  I have even walked up to complete strangers and asked where their boots were from.  Good thing I did too, because a girl wearing a pair I loved got them at payless last year and I scored them for $36!  You can’t beat that!  Its fun to find a cute alternative at a cheap price!!  I am eyeing a pair at Nordstrom right now I saw on pinterest, as you can imagine they are not $36.  So I am checking constantly to see when they go on sale!


4.  Pumpkin Spice Brownies

My sister made this amazing dessert, off of pinterest!  Super simple, and right up my alley since its a “fall” dessert!!   Love that they call it a skinny pumpkin spice brownie, as if it makes you skinny —*wish*!


Making these for our next life group!

5.   Mini Wholly Guacamole

Can we really say how happy it makes me that things are being packaged mini!  Not only do I love the mini hummus you can get at costco.  Life just got so much better that Guacamole comes mini.  I still prefer homemade but when I am craving mexican this is beyond perfect!  Found mine at Target, will be going back there for more!!!


Have a great weekend!



  1. Love those boots!! I am on the hunt for several new pairs!! Cant wait till FL gets the memo its fall :) Have a great weekend!

    • Up here in NJ it didn’t feel like fall this weekend either. We were at the shore and you could lay out if you wanted too! Hopefully soon fall weather will be here. Saw your post, congrats on your house! We moved a year ago and took a huge wall down, its amazing the transformation you have with walls coming down!

  2. OMG I never saw this mini guaco, i have to get it. I love my erin condren too.

  3. So glad my pumpkin spice brownies came out well :D! Also, I definitely agree that it would be fantastic to eat them and automatically get skinnier haha ;). A girl can dream!

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