fall soups

I am getting more and more excited everyday to start some serious fall cooking.  There is something wonderful about how the change of weather not only brings a new wardrobe and decor but a change in how we all eat.  Seasonal eating is something I have grown to love and desire as new flavors fill our menus.


Fall is when soup season begins in our house.  There is nothing like making a big pot of soup or chili and enjoying it on the weekend, and having it for leftovers during the week.  For awhile we were even making our own bread from the book, Artistan Bread in 5 Minutes.  This ended up being so easy to do and every loaf we made was perfect!  I was amazed that our bread actually turned out looking exactly like the pictures in the book.  My husband loved the crunchy outside and the sourdough inside, it was the perfect bread for soups!  I am thinking we are going to start that back up again this fall.



My favorite chili comes from The New Best Recipe, from the editors of Cooks Illustrated.

This cook book is amazing, if you had to choose just one cookbook, here she is.   They go in detail about what they have tried and give you the best recipe for tons and tons of staples.  Basically it’s the cookbook bible.  They have a chili in there with a black bean and bacon version which is AMAZING.  I literally never make any other chili, its just so good.  I found a link to the regular recipe, the version I make just starts by browning the bacon, then taking it out and using the fat instead of oil, to saute the onions and peppers in, and then just replace the kidney beans with two cans of black beans!  Also be sure to have all the fixings; cheese, sour cream, cilantro, avocados, and of course tortilla chips!

These are my go to soups around this house.


Tortilla Soup by Pioneer Woman– It’s amazing, make it tonight, just merely the fact that she takes beautiful step by step pictures of the recipe makes you want to try it!

pesto-chicken-tortellini-soup-3-400x266Pesto Chicken Tortellini Soup– this soup is so easy, and tastes amazing!  I freeze pesto cubes all summer just for this soup!  My kids eat it too, just without the spinach that gets thrown in the end.

530_IMG_7602_lasagna-soupI think my kids would enjoy this lasagna soup, that I saw floating around Pinterest.  I decided last year that I would do soup once a week no matter the complaints from the kids!  By the end of winter they were used to trying more soups, and would gladly rate them all for me, letting me know which ones were the worst!  Nothing like honest critiques at my table!

Any good soup or chili recipes to you want to share? I love to talk food!


  1. All of these recipes look so good! I have yet to find a chili recipe my family likes (I’m ashamed to admit that we all like Wendy’s chili better than any I have ever made!). I will have to try this one. I have never used bacon in chili. Maybe that’s the magic ingredient that’s been missing. I’ll also have to grab a copy of The New Best Recipe Cookbook. I have been looking for some new recipes that my family will actually eat to add to the rotation! :)

  2. LOVE soup….saved every one of these recipes!

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