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Linking up again with the good life for five on friday!

Can’t believe this was our last week of September! Here’s whats going through my mind right now!

1. DIY

Here’s a peek into our home life.  During the chaotic hour of dinner prep, on the oldest’s birthday, I notice a piece of wallpaper edge staring at me.  I pull it without really thinking and a massive strip ended up coming off all the way to the ceiling!  Now mind you, over the last year, we have removed wall paper from like 70% of our house, and this is the one room that is left.  I hate it and the fact that its in the kitchen, my constant place of residence, makes it all the worse.  Well within minutes our little DIYers were all over it, pulling wallpaper down like they were trained monkeys!! Now to just pull it off above the cabinets, and begin stripping the glue backing from the plaster walls, ehh!

2.  Nail polish

essie-vested-interest-swatch-2My new favorite color for the fall is Essie, Vested Interest.  At first I felt a little, wicked witch of the west, from the green hue.  But the longer I wore it the more I loved it.  I am loving these colors as well, the blueish purple would be a little daring but I think I would end up liking it!

3.  Top Coat


Speaking of nail polish, my beautiful trendy younger cousin steered me in the direction of this top coat for nails, and I swear by it now.  I got Out the Door in a beauty supply shop for only $4, so worth it!

4. Thrive Moms


I was reading a blog and stumbled on a great new resource for moms, Thrive.  Its a place where moms can come and be encouraged that God desires us to not just survive this stage of life but “thrive”.  They just started up and I feel passionate about supporting the work they are doing to inspire all moms out there.  They have a great blog, a prayer team, and even community groups they want to form for moms to be encouraged by one another.  Check it out and sign up for their newsletter!  Sometimes community with other moms, is closer than you think.  Take the first step and check out their website!

5.  Shoe Obsession


I was out shopping this weekend with my sister and sister in laws, and spotted the new toms ballet flats.  They are so adorable and so much more comfortable than the regular toms.  They are double the price (ahh) but they do have so much more structure and a padded insert for the sole.  I am in love with the ones where the toes are two toned!  Just got my first pair of toms a couple of weeks ago, now I am already loving these!  They are addicting!

Have a great weekend!!!



  1. Loving Essie’s Smoking Hot nail polish color!

    Have had a pair of the Tom’s ballet flats (last year) and they are super-comfy…but not as worth the price as I thought they’d be as the heels didn’t hold up very well and started to wear through very quickly (the part of the heel that rubs on the carpet of the car when you drive). I was disappointed after what I paid for them but maybe they’ve improved that aspect in the past year.

  2. I just did a little nail polish shopping last week. Target had a great sale on NYC nail enamels. I’m going back this week to see if they’re still on sale and to pick up a gift for the Mr. Try HGTV for a quick solution to getting wallpaper glue off of plaster walls.

  3. Will have to look up the information on Thrive. Thanks for the new resource.

  4. Visiting from the Five on Friday linkup! Love the Cocktail Bling color – it looks like it’d work for a redhead like me. :) Thanks for sharing the Thrive link, too! Just checked out their site!

  5. I love Essie everything! Found your site from the Five on Friday link-up!

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