five on friday

So I am linking up with the good life blog again for five on friday!

I always love fridays, because my older 2 are at school and its just me and the hubs and the little lady!

Here are some random things for this week!

1.  Books

I love reading and am always looking for a new book!  I have heard great things about The Happiness Project and just put it on hold on the library!  I keep waiting for them to call me that its in.  I finally got around to reading Gone Girl, and I loved it.  It was the perfect book to read over the past weekend when we were at the beach!  Had me religiously turning the page until the end,.  Right now a women’s group I am in is reading Becoming Myself and I am only on Chapter 3 and love so many things she says!  Any good book recommendations out there?!?!

2.  Toasted Coconut Cashews

I love anything coconut and at life group yesterday I tasted one of the best snacks EVER!  These cashews are covered in toasted coconut flakes, and literally it may be my new favorite thing!!!  I was told that they sell them at Costco but I will be checking out amazon to see if I can get a little prime free shipping action on them!


3.  Stell and Dot

I am loving these earrings over at Stella and Dot!  Earrings seem to be go to accessory because my two year old seems to think my necklaces are her own pull toys!  Loving all the colors selections they have!

4. Homemade Bread

I am determined to make this homemade bread this week!  I am dreaming up a nice little Italian dinner with this lovely bread to accompany it.  My friend says its super easy and delicious!  I love reading all the variations you can make with it as well, the lemon, rosemary, and Gruyere sounds amazing!

crusty bread 192

5.  B.B. Cream

If you haven’t tried this yet, you NEED too.  Its like God’s gift for those wonderful dark circles that come after two or three kids.  Its a no brainer, no risk, choice, and for about eight bucks you can’t go wrong.  Try it today, for real.


On that note, have a great weekend!


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