I know its not the beginning of the year or even the start of the school year anymore, but somehow I find myself feeling as if this is the beginning of something new.  I have a lot of ideas swirling in my head and I am continually trying to put my finger on them.  In the quiet moments the other morning I found myself writing down my focus for the year.

This “year” I am dedicated to seeking.

Seeking how my relationship with God can be more real and tangible

Seeking how amidst the loud and chaotic moments in life God can be bigger

Seeking how to let go of guilt and walk in grace

Seeking to figure out how to create a time and space for myself inside my family

Seeking how to give it over rather than hold on

Seeking how to love more and judge less

Seeking how to live in trust instead of fear

Seeking how to live out His calling in a world that is hurting

Seeking how to let His light shine in all the areas of my life that are so dark

Seeking to let people in instead of putting up walls

Seeking to live authentically

Seeking happiness in being myself

Seeking more of Him and less of me


The word seeking is one that is actually covered in grace itself, because its not implying that you find the answer but just that you begin looking.  Here’s to starting a journey and knowing it won’t end this year, but will continue on.

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