Finding Him


There are just days I can’t have silence.  I can’t have those moments where I can physically sit still.  My to do list is thirty tasks long just before 10am.  There are dishes to be put away, breakfast to be made, clothes to be washed, toys to be picked up, food to be prepped, and rooms to be cleaned.  A list that I diligently work at everyday, trying to check them all off one by one.  Yet somehow they appear again every morning, all waiting to be done again.

One recurring task on my mental list is for me to sit down, have a cup of tea, and just be.  Be still enough so I can hear God, and be reminded of His promises.  When my families needs come up, and kids push their way to the front of the list.  I have to learn to seek out God in the everyday moments.  I have to learn to remind myself that He is there, in the mess, in the clean clothes waiting to be folded, in the meal being prepped for dinner, in the baths that have to be given.  Why is it that I think that unless I sit and carve out a huge chunk of time, I feel as if I have failed and He will not be with me and meet me where I am.

I am working harder at seeing Him in the little things.  The little glimpse of obedience in a child whose heart is hardened to change.  The little embrace from my husband as he walks out the door.  The little hugs and kisses goodbye as they run off to school.  The little spark of laughter between siblings as they play outside, squealing about their day.  He can meet me where I am, I just have to open my ears enough to hear Him.  I don’t need to create a perfect setting of hot tea, with my Bible opened to my favorite passage, in perfect silence.  I just need to open my heart to His presence.

He loves to meet me in all the messy places of my life.

He loves to see my imperfect tendencies and hear my mumbled prayers as I set my eyes on my to do list every morning.  There is something so fulfilling about tea and silence and the Word, but in my reality that all comes together perfectly maybe once or twice a week.  The rest of the week I am reminding myself that I can still be with God and hear Him in the cluttered, chaotic parts of my life.


  1. laurie walle says:

    Thank you, Tiffany. I needed that encouragement today. Mondays seem particularly overwhelming, especially when I’m in recovery from weekend family visit (including 2-year-old twins).

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