All things Trader Joes


To say that the best part of moving to our house is that Trader Joe’s is only a mile away is an understatement!!!  I love everything about that wanna-be-tiki-hut-store, especially the 3 buck chuck!  There are always so many items I want to try, but the budget doesn’t always account for me to have my own personal taste testing party.  So… I am thinking that if I share a few of my favorite things with you, then you can share your favorites with me!  Then I can, without any guilt, try some new things!!

Ok here it goes…


  1. Dark Chocolate Almond Bits are literally how I make it through the homework power hour
  2. Organic Fruit Wraps are kid approved in our house
  3. Carne Asada steak is an amazing go to already prepared meal for tacos
  4. Vanillamynts are the hubs favorite mints
  5. Pack of mini bagels for $2.29, yes please
  6. Refried Black Beans with jalapenos are a great spin on the regular refried beans
  7. Cookie thins that come in coconut, lemon and ginger, you must try all 3
  8. Black Bean & Corn Enchilada @$1.99, my go to lunch with an avocado on top
  9. Coconut Cashews are a new item I scooped up
  10. Chunky Guacamole made with greek yogurt is a weekend treat around here
  11. Chile Lime Chicken Burgers are an awesome thing to have on hand in the freezer
  12. Chicken Cilantro Mini Wontons are a great app for a crowd or just a late night snack
  13. Pizza dough in their herb flavor is amazing and we cut it in half for two pies
  14. Their popcorn is so good, this brown butter, thyme, and parsley flavor is a nice alternative to regular butter flavor
  15. Hello Pumplin Chai Tea Latte mix, we are so happy you have arrived
  16. Uncured Beef Hot Dogs are a great healthy alternative to regular hot dogs, you can’t tell the difference, PROMISE!


Ok so know tell me your favorites, I want to know what other yummy treats are on the shelves at Trader Joe’s!



  1. No favorites because, as you know, it’s not convenient to hit Trader Joe’s around here…but I think you convinced me to make the drive next grocery trip and try everything on your list! Next step for me is to print it :)

  2. Dark chocolate covered raisins
    Pita Bite crackers
    Chocolate chip cookie dunkers
    Pumpkin butter
    Very berry clusters and coconut cranberry granola cereals
    Pumpkin pancake and waffle mix
    Pumpkin bread mix
    Pumpkin ice cream (my mother has a serious pumpkin problem)
    Organic apricot preserves/jelly

  3. Jenn Becker says:

    The coffee ice cream. Best. Ever.
    Cookie butter
    Super 8 veggie mix (we use it weekly for a gazillion different meals)
    Dark chocolate covered salted almonds
    Dark chocolate salted caramel bar
    Dried pineapple
    Roasted seaweed snacks

  4. iced gingerbread men cookies will be out soon, cant get enough

  5. Jenn Becker says:

    Oh, at Christmas time, candy cane joe joes!

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