Five on Friday


Linking up with The good life blog, for another random 5 things!

Here we go-


1. Chobani

Seriously when they came out with the this


it would be my go to snack with a handful of sliced almonds.

However I caught glance of this at the grocery store the other day


and clearly they have surprised me again! Its AMAZING!!!!

I usually don’t like pineapple stuff but mixed with the coconut its so good!

2. Fossil bags

Loving all the new fossil bags that came out this fall.  I am a sucker for all things fossil!

I may have to take a trip to Macys, in November of course, so I can actually touch and feel them all! I know I have problems!

3.  Fall Crafts

I have been pinning so many fall crafts for the kids on pinterest, I thought I need to start doing these things!  My older two had off from school Monday for Columbus day and it was the perfect time to do some crafting.

Gracie loved them all!

She collected a lot of leaves and acorn tops outside, and we got to work.  We glued leaves in her notebook and thought about what we could draw to make the leaves become part of her art!  We settled for a princess and a racoon, and made a castle for them!

Then we painted the inside of acorn shells, making “gems”!  So funny how you can take something so silly and just call it something special and it all of a sudden becomes a treasure.  I love this age!  She literally was occupied for hours doing these two activites! Thank you pinterest!

4. Starbucks Tumbler


I actually had to go buy another one of these cups for my husband’s birthday because we were fighting so much over the one I already had.  We can be very possessive over things in our house, so to prevent any more fighting I gave in and bought a #2 of the favorite cup!  At $9, you can’t beat the price and I sort of feel like when I make an iced chai tea latte it came from the lovely green store- just without the price tag!  Washes great in the dishwasher, which is also a plus!

5.  JJ Heller – Who You Are

Heard this song the other day and loved it! So good to be reminded that even though we may not always understand why things are happening to us, we always know who God is.  I need to cling on to that promise daily.

Have a great weekend!



  1. i have that tumbler too! love it :)

    and girl…how/why is chobani SO GOOD? i aboud died when i was visiting my sister in NYC and we spotted an actual chobani STORE!! of course we stopped in and ate some fresh chobani!


  2. I want to buy one of those tumblers soo soo bad, but am too cheap to spend the money. Yet I just paid $6 of a PSL this morning… guess I should spring huh.

  3. We’ve been doing some crafting around here too. We made Halloween cups. And thanks for sharing the JJ Heller song! It’s always nice to have a reminder that our God is awesome.

  4. I love those bags!
    Come link up with me and enter my giveaway from Wednesday!

  5. I LOVE the Chobani Coconut Flip It Yogurt packs :) Chocolate, coconut and nuts – SO GOOD! :)

  6. Hello! Stopping by your blog from the Five on Friday link up. I feel the same about Chobani- I just discovered flips earlier this week, but the two kinds I had were less than stellar. I am going to be hunting for the tropical version because it sounds like something I NEED.

    I just started blogging at Show me Ashley – hope you’ll stop by sometime too!

  7. First time visitor and I will be back! I too love all things Fossil (and Relic). Those bags are awesome. What a cute craft – my daughter would love that. JJ Heller is one of my favorite artists thanks for sharing this newest track/video. I hope your weekend rounds out nicely!

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