Five on Friday


Linking up with the good life, for five on friday again.

Here’s my five random things for this week!

1. Multigrain chips


If you haven’t tried these chips yet, you need too.  Costco sells a massive bag and we use them for everything!  I even got the hubs to switch out tortilla chips for these when we make nachos!!

2.  New Jacket

Its is freezing here this week, and with my hubs refusing to turn the heat on till November 1st, well lets just say its cold!!  Every time I go to pick up the kids from school and the wind is whipping I think about how much I want this jacket!! Of course I love all things that are way over priced!! I am on the look out for a coupon code for macys or anywhere that sells North Face.  I will stalk this puppy until the price is right, which could be never but I am patiently waiting.

3.  Harney & Sons Tea


Found this amazing tea at a hotel we stayed at and I am slowly drinking the 4 tea packets I smuggled off the “free” tea cart.  The paris blend is my favorite, and once again my tastes buds are higher priced than my budget.  But I may treat myself one day to a box to savor during these cold months.

4.  Halloween Treats


I am going to attempt to make these for my son’s halloween class party! I think the kids will love them and its a double score because it contains no nuts!! There is a recipe over here at Mix and Match Mama!

5.  Painting


Loving my newest piece over in the shop!  I am secretly praying no one buys it so I can keep it!!

Have a great weekend!





  1. haha! My hubs is refusing to turn the heat on until Nov 1st too!! Men! Thank the good lord we have a wood stove!
    First time visiting your blog! Popping in from 5 on Friday

  2. I need to get a new jacket. Something cute, lightweight and that has a hood. I’m looking forward to munching on some Halloween treats with the kiddies next week!

  3. Visiting from the link-up! I’ll confess… I’ve already had the heat on A LOT these past couple weeks (along with wearing a sweatshirt all day)! Fall feels like it’s almost over already!

  4. Found you through the link up! I love the shop!! Beautiful! I might get you to make me a Psalm 62 piece!

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