Five on Friday

Linking up for another week of five on friday with the good life blog!



1. London Fog


If you haven’t tried this, you need too! I saw a friend post about it, and I am hooked.  It’s super easy to make at home and I am loving it right now.  You just brew a cup of Earl Grey tea, add some vanilla syrup and then add some more milk than normal.  I have read adding steamed milk in it, takes it to a whole new level!  Added bonus is I heard you can get it at starbucks, however a quick trip to target and I easily bought a bottle of french vanilla syrup, and at home I just add extra milk not steamed!  Try it, you will thank me later! My biggest problem right now is figuring out how many london fogs in one day is too many…..3?!?!


2.  Shauna Niequist



I am trying to get my hand on these three books, so badly.  I even ventured to the library to see if I can request that they get them from another library!  Cold Tangerines I have heard so much about, its about seeing God in our everyday and how when we begin to do that our awareness of God infuses everything around us.  Her book Bread and Wine is a collection of essays about finding joy around the table and families and relationships and the meals that bring us all together.  Her book, Bittersweet, is a collection of essays written about the bittersweet moments in life and how we really do need the bitter moments and the sweet!  Can’t wait to read them all!    p.s. Her dad is Bill Hybles!


3.  Halloween


Can you stand the cuteness of this picture?  We had a great night!!


 4.  Blue Tub


In our house as soon as the temp begins to drop the blue tubs begin to appear.  I am convinced they are the best solution to chapped lips and you may find like six or seven hidden in different spots in our house! Long live the blue tub!


5.  Etsy Love

While I load things in my shop and what not, I have been strolling around etsy browsing their millions of beautiful things.  I am loving this latte set right now.  Its a collaboration between jessicaNdesigns & NSPottery.  You get to choose one of the adorable handmade spoon sayings, I love the “morning sunshine” one.  I am constantly saying that to my kiddos!


That’s it for this week, have a wonderful weekend.  Its suppossed to rain here, which is ok because I have tons of work to do thats due the next couple of weeks!



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