Five on Friday is back!

Its been a couple weeks off but Five on Friday is back!  Linking up with the good life blog to share my five favorite things right now.


Welcome to five totally random things going on in my head!!!

1. Peppermint everything!!

I may be a tad excited that stores start putting out Christmas items the day after Halloween.  It just means that I get to enjoy that peppermint goodness even longer.


2.  The Greatest Gift

I got this book yesterday and I am so excited to read this as a journey towards Christmas.  Its set up so you read a selection every day from December 1st to December 25th.  Helps that I love AnnVoskamp!!!



3.  Cranberry English Muffins

If you like cranberries like I do this is amazing!!  A new winter season favorite!!


4.  Tazo JOY tea

If you like black tea you need to get to starbucks as soon as possible and try one and buy yourself a box before you leave!  I was with a friend at the mall and almost squealed with excitement when I saw this little red tin!!  Welcome back my all time favorite tea!!



5.  Gloves

I am in love with these gloves I spotted over on etsy!! If only they were the actual thing and not just the pattern to make them!!



Have a great weekend!! So happy its FRIDAY!!!



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