Survive to THRIVE


As the holidays wind down, I am usually anxiously awaiting the new beginnging that every Janurary brings.  There are new goals, new aspirations, new dreams for the coming year.  There is a thrill of being able to redirect or repoint your life in a direction you might have missed or detoured the year before.  January, although cold and dreary, often brings a breathe of fresh air in most areas of my life.  I usually analyze the different areas of my life and think about how I can improve them or make some type of a change.  Usually on the top of my list is being more organized with food shopping and meals, but seriously its day 8 and I already had that ahh, its 4:30 what are we eating for dinner moment, maybe once or twice — or more!

I have a love hate relationship with resolutions because lets face it, I don’t need one more thing in my life reminding me that I failed.  Its enough when my daughter has an accident on the floor, or I forget to send the kids to school with their lunch.  For real, this is a new year post that was supposed to be done on Jan. 1 and its now the 8th!  I can only handle so much people!

I did browse a lot of blogs over the break, really just looking for inspiration and noticed that a lot of people tend to be picking a word or phrase for the year.  I loved this idea–just a helpful reminder of what you want to focus on this year.  After talking with my husband, we both felt like one word really stuck out to us for 2014.


We have spent a lot of energy and time over the last years just surviving.  We have moved, renovated houses, started new jobs, started graduate school all with three little kids!  And while trying to make sure our marriage wouldn’t fall apart from all the stress.  It has been a true test of survivial the past 5 years.  We desperatly want to shift our focus from just surviving to fully thriving.

We want to start thriving in our family life- more one on one time with the kids, more intentional date nights for us, more intentional spriritual time together as a family during the week!  We want to surround our kids with people that want them to thrive.  We are trying to be so intentional about letting each one of our kids thrive in the areas they love.

We wanted to push our personal lives to a state of thriving.  We have both started pursuing some of our dreams in the past couple of months, and I really want 2014 to be a year where we allow ourselves the time to do the things we have always dreamed about.  The best talks we have as a couple are when we share about our dreams and passions!  I am hoping that we lean into that more this year.

I am sure there will be hurdles, and pain, and situations that happen outside of our control this year.  But we know that above all else-

God is good & His mercies are new EVERY MORNING!

I hope that is as comforting for you as it is for me.  In order to really thrive in anything, I need His grace and mercy brand new every morning.

Is anyone else doing this for the year?  I would love to hear your word or phrase is for 2014!


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