Five on Friday

It seems like lately all I can handle is a five on friday post.

Life is loud and full right now and sometimes it even feels like its overflowing- and not in a good way.  I am trying hard to scoop up the moments and not think about what I am not doing but what I am helping shape in my littles.  Time feels slow, especially when you have tons of snow days, but I know it all passes like a blink of an eye.  Trying to make sure my eyes are open to see it all.

Feels good to be on here and writing.  Hoping to keep a somewhat consistent schedule on here from now on.  So here’s my light and fun random five things for this friday.

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1.  IF: Gathering


I am so excited to be attending this conference at a local simulcast.  A group of us are going to a beach house for the weekend and watching this friday and saturday!  Sadly the weather is not exactly beach weather (28 degrees) but we will be without kiddos so the time will be well enjoyed!  Can’t wait to see the speakers and just have time to actually think about things other than laundry and cooking!  Check out the website to see how you can watch along too!


2.  Knitting- Bear Cowl


Would you just die to see your littlest wearing this!!!  I am super excited to try to make this little puppy! Hopefully it’s actually doable!! Who knows, I just can’t take how cute the ears are on it.  May attempt to try it this weekend!

3.  TV


With the kids home two days this week from snow and ice, I was really hit with the lack of options with tv shows for them when they needed some down time.  There is like a missing gap of shows from dora and mickey mouse and then a jump to disney teen dramas.  We are not ready for shows about dating in this house!!!  Everytime they wanted to find a show on Netflix it was a continual battle of what they could and couldn’t watch.  I am realizing that 7 and 8 years old is a hard stage, its making me think that I definitely need to get them into some good classic shows.  Just put the first season of Little house on the prairie in my amazon cart.  Have such great memories of watching this show, I’m hoping they like it too!!

4.  Pinterest Fails


If I could even explain to you how many times I have made a recipe from pinterest only to be so disappointed by one of the top 10 amazing crock pot meals or delicious no sugar banana muffins.  I am so easily fooled by the amazing picture that looks so delicious.  I am learning that unless there is tons of comments of other people who made it, I am not even trying it.  Because let me tell you those no sugar, whole wheat banana muffins were like mini rocks with no flavor AT ALL!

5.  New Signs


I have been hard at work trying to make some new signs to put in the shop.  Some times it seems like all the stars align and I get 3 solid hours while the littlest sleeps to work, and other days I can’t even approach them.  I feel like I spent all of January just trying to catch up and clean up and organize from December.  Regardless, I am still loving it, and am even enjoying the custom orders coming in.  Its fun watching others people’s ideas become a real design!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!!!

Happy Friday!


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