Quite often my mornings are hectic, rushed, and exhausting all before 8am.

This morning was right on target, beginning with a in depth argument about why a bouncy ball cannot be bounced inside the house.  Even though to most this would seem silly, at 6:40 am, I tend to not be able to quickly list solid reasons why this green ball shouldn’t be thrown around.  Honestly, my words are short and lacking in love before 7am.

At these moments I wonder what it would be like to not truly have to be “on” until I clock my time card in at 9 am.  What it would be like to wander through the motions in the morning, quietly, sipping my tea, letting my body slowly wake up from its rest, uninterrupted.  Life is funny with kids, there is no check in time or clock out time.

Even when you think they are sleeping, and your job is over for the day.   You go in to look at their peaceful faces while they rest, and are hit in the face by an awful smell.  Realizing your two year old has wet the bed, again.  Suddenly you realize you are “on” again, changing their clothes, remaking their beds, throwing a pile of wet smelly laundry down the stairs to add to your collection in front of the washer, trying not to wake the dog up.

Speaking of the dog, not sure why we thought we would add a puppy to a house with a toddler, but we did.  I mean why not get a puppy with the polar vortex and mega snow fall this winter?  I mean he was so cute this morning when I found him eating my new $4 EOS chapstick, that my sweet little girl stole from my pocketbook and left on the floor opened and ready for licking.  They are an amazing pair those two, though they look cute, their powers combined are no match for the weak.



After throwing away my chapstick feeling sorry for myself about all the nice things I have keep getting ruined by these children and this stinkin puppy (ie. my new fossil wallet that has a beautiful milk stain from a drippy sippy cup).  I turn the corner to catch the dog chewing on an overpriced Bitty baby headband, lunging to pull it away I topple over my littlest and she falls and knocks over my breakfast.  Mind you, breakfast nowadays is a large green smoothie, due to our clean eating (more on that later).  Looking at the green goodness all over the floor and splattered over the walls, I am speechless.

Honestly its 9 am and I could cry over a spilt smoothie.  Literally, really cry.

Like real tears, over a drink spilling all over the floor.  What is happening to me?

Looking back at the morning now, nothing really happened that was so extreme, so horrible, it was just a smoothie, just a chapstick, just a bouncy ball.  But somehow those tiny things felt like major things.  When life is overwhelming, my thoughts go right to feelings of inadequecy.  How can I not be capable to of doing a job so many have done before me?  How can I not handle my own life, and all the details and problems that arise every day?

After cleaning up the smoothie, I hid in my kitchen to try and refocus.  I open up my favorite little gem, Jesus Calling, and read todays little devotion:

You are feeling weighed down by a plethora of problems, both big and small.  They seem to require more and more of your attention, but you must not give in to those demands.  When the difficulties in your life feel as if they’re closing in on you, break free by spending quality time with Me.  You need to remember who I AM in all My Power and Glory.  Then, humbly bring Me your prayers and petitions.  Your problems will pale when you view them in the Light of My Presence.  You can learn to be joyful in Me, your Savior, even in the midst of adverse circumstances.  Rely on Me, your strength; I make your feet like the feet of a deer, enabling you to go on the heights.

So thankful for the reminder of perspective this afternoon after an overwhelming morning.  Praying that these truths don’t fall away to the side but stay at the forefront of my mind.

Your problems will pale when you view them in the light of my presence.



  1. I can completely relate to this…the frustration, the chaos, Jesus Calling bringing me back into focus…beautifully written.

  2. Oh Tiffany! This was so encouraging and honestly,we are so similar, it’s scary 😉

  3. Thanks to make me fell Like a normal Mom… Sometimes is kind overwhelming but reading words like your is just what i need to keep on going… Tks! Be blessed!!!

  4. Being a mom is crushingly hard. We think it should be easy to love and enjoy our children but truth is motherhood can be overwhelming. But you are a HERO to care for them and Jesus knows how hard it is and is with you. May He continue to remind you of His presence as you make a difference in eternity because you care for these little ones. May you one day look back, as I do now, on the sweetness of this time, because it is that too, deeply sweet and precious.

  5. Such a realistic depiction of so many mornings! :) He sees you, you know…while you’re changing sheets at 2am, almost crying over your spilt smoothie, and struggling with your (perceived) inadequacies? He’s right there, too. You are not alone. Ever. :)

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