Five on Friday

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Here are my random goodies this week.

1. Lasagna Soup

I know I complained about recipes on pinterest and how they fail often than they score, but this soup was such a win in my house.  It tastes exactly like your eating lasagna but even better because it didn’t take hours to make.  Even the kiddos asked for seconds!  Pair it with this to die for easy bread and you will be a hero!!  You need to make this soup before winter is over.


2.  Goodbye Winter


Speaking of winter being over, my cabin fever is out of control this winter.  Although I love a good snow storm and being cooped up in the house for the day, I think I am over it.  I want and need spring so badly this year.  I miss running in the mornings, bike rides, and playing outside.  I am craving hikes with the family, outside adventures, and grilling on the back deck!  I need the sun back in my life, shining on my face.  Spring cannot come soon enough for me.  I need the colors, the air, and the warmth that spring brings.

3.  Lent

Naptime Diaries 2014-February-0001


I am trying this year to think of how I can incorporate the season of lent in my own life and purposefully do some things with the kids.  I want to really try and figure out a way to have the days leading up to Easter be a time where we can all sort of declutter our minds and refocus on the meaning of Easter.  I have been seeing some things on pinterest for kids that I want to try.   Then  I saw this lent journal over at naptime diaries that I think would be neat to work through.  Anyone do anything for lent for yourself?  With your kids?


4.  Olympics


Are you watching the winter olympics???  I am loving watching all the events every night.  My husband and I are so into it and love hearing all the stories about all the Olympians and how they got to where they are now.  Those commercials where they have the athletes thank their moms for all they sacrificed gets me every time.  My favorite so far was the snowboard cross, its so intense and they are all crashing everywhere, its crazy!!  I am going to be so sad when its all over!   We will have to find a new series on Netflix to suck up all our time!


5.  Notes from a blue bike


I am loving this new book I ordered, Notes from a blue bike.  She presents how her family went on their journey to see how they could live more simply, fully, and intentionally.  This is a must read!  It’s challenging me to really look at our life and see how we can pare it down so we can in turn live more abundantly.  The chapters are short and engaging which is great for a mom that sometimes doesn’t have more than 5 minutes to read by herself.  I am slowly savoring the chapters as I read them!  Now only to work on actually implementing them.


Have a great weekend everyone!  Be sure to stop by my etsy shop and check out some new signs that just got finished!



  1. Same girl…bring on the spring!! xx

  2. Girl…I absolutely LOVE your etsy shop! Amazing :).

  3. That book sounds interesting. I’ll check it out. :)

  4. I am so eagerly awaiting Spring! We’ve had a long enough winter, that’s for sure!

  5. so excited to try that soup next week!!

  6. Your lasagna soup & bread look SO good!! Any soup is a big hit at my house. My husband loves homemade bread so thanks for the great dinner suggestions for this week.

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