The last meals of winter

I was hoping that because March was starting, the polar vortex would be exiting right behind it.  I am realizing that its not going to happen!  Instead of letting the cabin fever grab a hold of me, I am trying to embrace the last couple weeks of colder temps and keeping kids occupied inside.

We eat very seasonally in our house.  Meaning we do lots of soups and crockpot meals during the winter, while in the summer we try to really only use our grill outside!  We are part of a CSA program, that I talked about here, where we get a basket of produce that really helps us eat seasonally.

Since it looks like soup weather is still around, I wanted to show you some of my favorite winter meals!!


Pioneer Woman’s Tortialla Soup

This soup is so great, so much better than the typical crock pot version because you saute the veggies and onions early on and cover them in the seasoning before you add the liquids.  We always top the soup off with avacados, cheese, cilantro, and some sour cream (or when my husand isn’t looking greek yogurt).  This last time I made it I only did one can of black beans and added some frozen corn.  Chips and salsa on the side, make this kid friendly!



Sweet Potato & Quinoa Turkey Chili

My sister showed me this crock pot meal she found on pinterest.  She said its amazingly good, and I was shocked that the cubed sweet potato holds it shape while it cooks.  I have all the ingredients to make it this week!  Lets just pray I can get he hubs and kids to eat it.  My kids usually love sweet potatoes so it may work out great!!

Have you ever checked out Annie’s eats?  This is an amazing foodie blog, her pictures of her meals are amazing, and to boot she’s a physchian by day!  Her passion for good food is so obvious


White Chicken Chili

I have actually never made a white chili, but I am thinking it might make it on my menu over the next couple of weeks.


Roasted Veggies

So simple right?  I am such a stickler with my oven on in the summer, that I am going to take advantage of the ability to have it set at 450 degrees and roast up some winter vegetables.

Something as simple as a new winter recipe might just be what you need to help reboot and push through the last couple weeks of winter.  Before you know it, summer will be here and I will be longing again for my boots, sweaters, and scarfs.  For now we get to experience the desire for warmth that winter brings, and dream about what is to come.  Change is right around the corner, let’s not wish any present moments away.


Enjoy your day!








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