Spring fashion

As spring comes, once again I fight the eternal saga of dressing cute and trendy without looking like I am trying to be a 16 year old.  Loving how so much inspiration can be found over on pinterest.  Its so fun when you see a piece you already have, but have never used in that way, like coral shorts with a chambray top!  Who knew that would look cute?  Wanted to share some pins I am loving right now for spring…

I am the person that paroozes through the mall only looking at tops because I never want to be bothered by trying on pants!  I know I’m lazy what can I say?  But really I am constantly with the kids and with tops I am usually 9 times out of 10 the same size, while with bottoms its always different.  I want to be more intentional with clothing purchases for myself this season, buying classic pieces that are versatile and have longevity, instead of just always browsing the clearance section.

Now if only I can just somehow add some more $$$ to my clothing envelope!!

If you could get one piece to add to your spring wardrobe, what would it be??  Mine may be some aviator sunglasses—after years of making fun of my husbands, who knew he had style?!?!

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 7.06.55 AM


  1. Hahaha I love my aviators! and I can’t wait to wear white pants again…where are you spring?!

  2. I am looking to get some aviators too! I don’t have any sunglasses that aren’t broken or lost right now, and I think that’s the style I want to wear this season. Of course, I have to try them on first to see how they look. You have excellent taste, I think I pinned a lot of the same clothes as you. I love the white pants and shorts too but I feel like the instant I put those on my 3 year old is gonna paw all over me with his jelly hands or something. :)

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