Kitchen redo

Sometimes life can get so chaotic that the simple rhythms I have, just get so out of sync.  More than I realize I cling to the schedules and rhythms that make up my life.  Some of my favorite rhythms are having the kids all in bed by 7:30, having my quiet hour in the morning, and my cup of tea at 2:30 before the kids get out of school.  It’s amazing how much comfort the rhythms of my life bring, knowing what is coming next.

It’s no surprise that my husband and I love to DIY and do renovation projects.  We have gutted two houses and did way to many DIY house projects to even recall.  So when we started redoing our kitchen I was prepared for the mess, prepared for chaos, but not prepared for how off my routine would be.  We were staying up later, pouring our last drops of energy into each project, putting all other chores to the back burner.  Hoping that the quicker we went, the quicker it would be over and life would resume as normal.

In the midst of the kitchen job we decided to also take down the walls enclosing the staircase, rip the carpet up, and pull thousands of tiny staples from the stairs.  This might have just added a bit more time to our timeline!

I am so thrilled with everything we did!  It’s not quite all the way finished, but it’s getting there.  A couple more doors need to be worked on for the cabinets, and we haven’t put the spindles up yet.  But the film of white dust is slowing disapearing from all the surfaces, and we have started eating dinner together as a family at the dining room table and not our coffee table.

Life is funny how often the major stressful life moments are brought on by ourselves.  We endure it because we know the outcome will be so worth the pain and stress of the process.  This has been a great reminder to myself that there usually is great beauty that comes from heartache and pain, we just have to keep our eyes open to find it.

Just my little two cents for the day!

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