Five on Friday – She’s back!!

I keep waiting for the day when I have some extra time on my hand to catch up on the blog and write—annnnnnd that never happens.  I actually started to feel like it may never happen again, but alas with the kids all still awake and running around like nut-heads, I am longing to be inspired by random things that bring me some joy or happiness on any level. So without further ado, here is my attempt at a come back with five random things for your friday pleasure!  Enjoy and don’t judge-

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1.  Coolata

Unknown Having children has caused me to know where every available drive thru is where I can obtain some sort of drink as a reward for, well just being their mom.  Just really a reward for keeping them alive and fed!  There are no drive thru starbucks near me now–insanity– however, there is a drive thru dunkin donuts and I was thrilled to see they have a new drink, the Frozen Arnold Palmer Coolata!  This drink was amazing, a perfect blend of iced tea and lemonade!  Literally tasted exactly like the Arnold Palmer drink you can buy at the grocery store, just frozen goodness!  This is a must try!  I think right now small Coolata’s are just $1.99!

2.  Zumba

Unknown-1 Tried Zumba the other day with a friend with a groupon for the first time.  I am not sure if I burned more calories actually doing the moves or just by laughing so much.   Our instructor was no joke and I think she must have burned double the calories we all did.  In between doing the moves she was running around the room, it was kinda exhausting just watching her!  I walked away definitely having a work out, was sore the next day, and actually had a lot of fun doing it!  Not sure if I will be sporting the scarf with the charms anytime soon, but I will be back!

3.  Popcorn

Unknown-2 Saying I am obsessed with this popcorn may be an understatement.  Confessing to you that I may drive all the way to Costco just to buy myself an extra large bag is somewhat embarrassing- but it is true.  Skinny Pop has won me over and there is no turning back.  I am a creature of habit and this is my go to snack at night.  Told my hubs the other night its my nightly reward for making it through the day.  At 39 calories for just one cup—it tastes even better!!!!  The kids have learned that its Mommy’s popcorn and that I don’t share!  Can I tell you a secret, I don’t even feel guilty not sharing it!  They wouldn’t appreciate the amazing taste

4.  Clarisonic Mia 2

clarisonic_mia_2_coral This is something I have had my eye on for awhile.  The price is what is holding me back, but every review I read sells me more and more.  Everyone talks about how amazing your skin feels after using it once a day, and how much better your makeup goes on.  I need to really get into a better skin care routine.  Realizing I am actually in my 30’s now, I have to start taking care of my face.  I love hearing people’s skin care routine and hearing their beauty secrets.  I swear by St. Ives Timeless Skin every night!  300

5.  Catching up on the Kindle

light-reading_kindle_tobago_beach_01b While on vacation, without the kids, celebrating our ten year anniversary, I was determined to read and read and read at the beach.  When I am with the kids at the beach all summer I never get a chance to read, something I enjoyed in my previous life :)!  I read a total of five books while we were away and it was amazing!!!  I read two books that are coming out in the theaters so I am excited for that!  I love reading the book before hand and then going and seeing it in film.  I am planning on writing a post this week and reviewing the books for some good beach reads for everyone! Have a great weekend!  Ours will be filled with soccer games, baseball, a garage sale, some painting, and taking care of our cone dog!


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