Summer Reads

While away celebrating our 10 year anniversary –can we go back please???–I was able to put some miles on my kindle and do some reading.

I love to read and by the time I get in my bed at night, my eyes only stay open for a couple minutes that I hardly ever get lost in a book anymore.  On our trip I wanted to relax, eat some tasty food, sit at the beach, and READ — and spend time with the hubs!

Check out what was on my kindle:


The Book Thief– Loved the story in this book, it was a bit of a heavy read for the beach for me.  The story was a little slow to start off with, but the descriptions and the emotions conveyed throughout really pull you in.  I will say though that the author did an amazing job of telling the story of the war and death,and  also how the young survive.  There was tremendous sadness throughout the book, but it was also amazing to see how people still found joy during a horrific time.    Can’t wait to see the movie now!


Heart of the Matter by Emily Giffin – This was a great quick read for the beach, exactly what I was looking for.  Sometimes its just nice to get lost in a book thats sort of like a lifetime movie!  Its a story about two mothers and how a horrible accident connects their lives together.   Their love lives end up being tested and both women end of questioning everything they believe in.


Where We Belong by Emily Griffin- I read another one of her books, because I had read something blue and something borrowed and liked both of those novels.  I was curious to see how these two also were.  This is a great quick read as well, didn’t enjoy it as much as her other ones.  But overall the story of an adopted young woman looking for her birth mother, pulls on your heart enough that you are soon putting yourself in their shoes wondering what you would do.


The Fault is in Our Stars by John Green- This book is about two 16 year old kids who meet at a cancer support group, and although this book is labeled as young adult the characters have an amazing wise depth of maturity to them.  Its beautifully written and if your interested in a book that is driven by its characters, this is it.  I was sucked into this book and before I knew it I had read it all day and was eager to see how it unfolded.  Will definitely be seeing the movie when it comes out, with every other 16 year old I am sure!


With summer coming I am hoping to add some more books to my list to read….any suggestions???  I love to hear what people are reading!



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