Be ok with a NO


We have been working with one of our kids on learning an important lesson, being ok with a no.  I am realizing its harder for some kids than others, especially the ones that love to negotiate every little rule or detail.

After having a little lesson with our son on learning to be ok with a no, I was suddenly struck by how applicable this is even to my own life.

Am I ok with a no, when I see a shirt on sale in a store?
Am I ok with a no as I am browsing amazon or iTunes?
Am I ok with a no when I enter HomeGoods and suddenly want to change all my decor?

It takes a massive amount of self control to sustain from wants and just be content with what we have.  I feel like I constantly live in this tension of wanting to have less but wanting new things just because.

More importantly am I ok with a no from God?

It takes a lot of patience when God gives us a no or even detours us along a longer route than what we planned on.  It can be even harder when we don’t understand why we are being given a no.  I am learning to stop “negotiating” or fighting with God when I get a no or a detour.  But instead each morning guide my heart to become increasingly settled on the things that ARE promised.  Remembering that even in my deepest pain, He hears me.




  1. Tiffany – thank you as always for sharing your ideas, heart, discoveries, etc
    what a wonderful verse, (love the layout and fonts too, it caused me to see something new)
    I just noticed that he always says yes when he says “HERE I AM ”
    he is giving his self to us, always available, always present, always holding us, always getting us, always asking us what we want . . . and he is always ok with all of it, even if its a shirt (me too!).
    He understands why we want it and what it means to us.
    He is always happy to give us what we want . . . or if not that, then something even better.
    He is also ok with our no and when we can’t see the better thing, he doesn’t withhold, he keeps giving, gently, patiently – waiting with joy until we see, and celebrating every tiny glimpse we get.

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