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How I can make summer linger a little bit longer and make the most out of August…


Praying the scriptures for your children by Jodie Berndt.  I had this book for awhile and just added it to my morning routine and I am loving how each chapter takes you through different aspects we can pray for our children.  This week I read about praying for your children to have attributes of some characters from the Bible.  Obedience like Abraham, boldness like Paul, the faithfulness of Noah, or the courage of Esther.



I have been trying to focus on seeing when my three goof balls get a long with each other and letting that picture be the present snapshot in my mind.


**Lets just make a mental note that this was not one of those times– in order to get this shot I had to bride the oldest with electronic time!** (just keeping it real)

Listening to

Meredith Andrews – Worth it all

Thankful for

That I am able to work from home right now.  While its not the ideal job with a steady income, I am reminded each time I sell a piece that God is providing for us, our little family, one sign at a time.  Its not always something I can do for hours each day, especially during the summer months.  But I am realizing its a beautiful thing to watch God take an idea and stir it into a dream and guide me to make it a reality.



Watching summer fill up with memories that will make up my kids childhoods.



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  1. Summer is getting so close to ending here in Alabama. School starts on Thursday here. Even though I’m out of school and work full time all year round, there’s something about summer that’s still exciting. I hope you have an awesome August!

    Stopping by from the Currently link up!

  2. That book looks awesome! I need something like that to guide my prayers for my little one…..pinned it to remember once I finish all the other books I’m currently reading!

  3. Gorgeous photos of your children & gorgeous signs!!

    Stopping by from the link up. I am Becky with Choose Happy :)

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