Moving forward


Shouldn’t it be easy to look forward, to look ahead?

There is anticipation in looking ahead, there is new birth found while moving forward, there is hope in the future.

Whether we want to move forward or not, we do.  Life continues to move in a forward fashion, even when we hide under our covers and pretend that life isn’t happening.  Minute by minute life progresses forward, and we have to continually embrace where our vision is gazing- forward.

Looking forward is actually intensely scary for some (that would be me, right here, yes my name is Tiffany and I am a type A).  If the future could be on paper, and nicely planned out, that would work perfectly for me.  It would fit in my neatly packaged box of a life I like to pretend I lead.

Life is funny though, no matter how much you plan and do, you can’t plan out the future.  My prayers are often that way; more like plans I am asking God to fulfill (really more like pleas for God to adopt my plan).  There is a steady tension in my prayer life where I will think, Oh God I cannot pray that.  I cannot ask for Your will to be done, because I don’t know what your will is, and to be blunt– that’s super scary!  I would love to pray Your will be done--but only when I know the will won’t involve any pain on myself or the people I love (wink wink).

Since I know God won’t be taking any of my demands in regards to how he distributes His will for our lives, I dive into the truths I know.

I know that God is faithful.

I know God has been faithful.

I know God WILL be faithful.

These are three statements that I should I have pasted above my kitchen sink.  Truths that need to be imprinted on my mind.

This is how I need to face the future; this is how I turn my head to face forward.

Remembering that God will be faithful because HE HAS BEEN FAITHFUL.

One of my goals this weekend is to spend some time writing out the ways I have seen God be faithful in the past.  Looking at each instance as a stone I am laying down to pave the pathway to keep walking forward.  The path I will continue to walk on is the path He has paved for me.

We can walk forward, we can move forward, because we serve a God who is faithful.



  1. So very very true.
    Lamentations 3: 21-23. This I REMEMBER therefore I have HOPE the steadfast LOVE of The Lord NEVER CEASES they are NEW EVERY morning. Great is your FAITHFULNESS oh God. This verse keeps me going.

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