Adding meaning to the mundane

A couple of weeks ago although we had no food, I was unable to make it to the grocery store. My husband would say you only had one child during the day, how did you not make it there?? Even though she is but one child, she inhabits enough strength and power to make me sometimes feel powerless.  She’s in that wonderful stage where she doesn’t want to sit in the shopping cart and she refuses to hold your hand.  She is a force to be reckon with, this little sweet blue eyed girl. photo I ended up asking my husband if I could leave him with triple shower duty for all three, while I jetted out to the store that night, ALONE. Now normally, while super grateful to grocery shop alone, this time I ended up just thinking about how this is my poor sad life. Only escaping  from my kids for a stinkin trip to the grocery store.  I suddenly remembered that I once heard a friend say she listened to podcasts as she shopped and did household chores.  I ended up looking up some podcasts she listens to and downloaded some before I got out of the car to shop.  I was determined that the only way I was going to return home with a better attitude was to multitask and somehow feed my soul while also shopping to feed my family! Lately I as I am moving beyond the diapers and bottles I am seeing that I need more than just time away, I need my time to have substance.  Its strange to feel like I can handle substance again.  For years with lack of sleep and time, I would tell my husband I just needed space away to just think, only to realize when I had a break I just wanted to shut off my brain completely and rest.  I still need rest but I am realizing more and more that my rest needs to have substance. imgres If your looking for substance to listen to, I would suggest checking our Kat Lee’s Inspired to Action– Inspiration for Motherhood.  I have enjoyed listening to her podcasts so much!  She has real conversation with some moms who are really embarking on this journey of motherhood in a faith filled way. I have become so obsessed with listening to various podcasts, that long car rides are way more enjoyable with my one earbud in semi listening to arguing children and being encouraged and inspired at the same time. I would love hear what podcasts you are subscribed to?

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