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Thanksgiving and Christmas already!!! This year I am determined to be ahead of the game and be prepared for the holidays.  So I have already started making some designs for the holidays!  I was so swamped with custom orders last year that I think I only ended up making two christmas signs!  I am so grateful for my awesome hubs who has been helping me cut, sand, and stain wood in the garage all weekend!  There is no way I would be able to do all that I do without his help and his time!  He’s a catch, and I am glad he’s mine!!



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Just picked up “The Orphan Train” from our library this week, and I am excited to open it up and get lost in a story.  I have a strange addiction to self help books (not really something you should say to people) but every now and then I have to force myself to get lost in a pretend world and let my imagination create images of characters and scenery.  Also bonus, I am planning to watch the movie after, something I have always loved doing.

Thankful for:


Some good nights of sleep, I have been trying to so hard to be in bed by 10pm, so I can be awake at 6, shooting this week for 5:30 as some of my littles have been waking up before 7!  Do these kids not understand how much mama needs her hour alone!  I have found that if I go to bed any later than 10, my body feels like a thousand pounds and I can’t somehow move it out of my bed.



Jumping on the “Zoodle” train and trying out some zucchini noodles for some quick easy lunches.  With a little garlic, onion, and red pepper flavoring some hot oil, the noodles sorry zoodles are quickly flavored and become just lovely as they simmer with some other summer veggies.

Preparing for:

School to begin!  I can’t believe this is our last full week of summer.  A massive part of me is craving a schedule again and cannot wait to not feel guilty in the afternoons when I am painting as they zone out on electronics!! (shh don’t tell please!) But this may be the first summer part of me is seriously sad that the long drawn out mornings are over, and the business begins again.  I’ll miss how I can’t just on a whim decide what we will do that day, or how bathing suits have become a respectable daily outfit choice.  As September comes, I’ll send them off and hold dearly to the memories we created this summer.




My favorite drink at my favorite little coffee shop.  Sent here by my favorite hubby— all by myself!!!


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  1. Those zoodles look delicious! I desperately need to start going to bed earlier. I am a major night owl, and my little guy always wakes up before 7:00. I have that 1000 pound feeling every single day. It’s so great that you are being intentional about that.

  2. Your holiday signs are super cute. I have never heard of zoodles (my hubs would never eat them) they look delish I might have to make me some. Found you through the Link up. Hi!

  3. How fun to have an alone coffee date :) Those are some of my faves!
    So agree about the good nights sleep – sooo underrated. We need this to function so we can be the best versions of ourselves. Good luck this week, mama!

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