Floating in His Grace


If you were to tell me that you are having a hard time right now, and life just seems to be caving in on you I’d encourage you to be still and remember that God is there and that He is in control.  If you were being hard on yourself, I would encourage you to give yourself grace.  When people hurt me or say something hurtful about my husband to me, I try really hard to give them grace.

Yet, after thirty one years I can’t figure out how to give myself grace.

Instead of giving myself grace I let my mind wander and create expectations that aren’t real.  I fabricate judgements that don’t exist and certainly do not define me.  Sometimes the feelings I feel, usually self imposed, weigh heavier on me than the truth.

When you don’t give yourself enough grace, you can allow your thoughts to weigh you down.  Weight of worry and overanalyzing can be suffocating.  It can cause you put up barriers.  It can paralyze you from fully living your own life.  It can stop you from pursuing the dream God has given you in your heart, because what if I fail?


Daily God is teaching me that He doesn’t want us weighed down by worry or fear.  His desire is for us to be floating in grace—-His GRACE.  His weightless freeing grace which doesn’t just cover our shortcomings, but frees us from the self imposed barriers we put up.  Grace frees us from the pressure we put on ourselves to be perfect; to have it all together.  The pressure to please everyone and constantly comparing ourselves to all the “perfect” around us.

When I can’t remember the last time I made the kids beds, I need to give myself more grace.

When I put work out clothes on for the day, only to never fit in a workout, I need to give myself more grace.

When I have to cancel on friends because I just can’t do another thing for one more person, I need to give myself more grace.

If my life isn’t as pretty and perfect as it looks on instagram, I need to give myself more grace.

When I am feeling disapointed in how I responded or how I reacted, I need to give myself more grace.


His weightless grace removes all the heaviness of the world around us and gives us the space to be filled with His love.  This is the love I want my kids to grow up longing for, the love I want to show my husband, and the love I want those around me to understand.

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  1. laurie walle says:

    Thank you, Tiffany. I needed to hear this. It seems, in order to get the grace you’re talking about, I first need to humble myself to realize I NEED it and that Jesus can give it to me. Otherwise, I just stew around by myself to no good. Of course, that’s the enemy at work, but I’m determined to remember that what I lack, I have total access to (peace, joy and grace) all of the time if I just stop trying to hold myself up and be a “good soldier.”

  2. This is wonderful, Tiffany. I think many need more grace from themselves, and no doubt, being such an awesome mother and wife, you should be giving yourself lots of it! Thanks so much for sharing your heart!


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