Ten on Ten

As you might have read here, the hubby and I just celebrated ten years of marriage a couple of weeks ago!  Even though it has felt like forever, I can easily in a second transport back to that day ten years ago, where we were just two young kids joining our lives together.



We came up with a cute idea a couple days ago, to think of ten things we wanted to do together this year to celebrate a decade of togetherness.  (Really its just a great reason to keep the celebration going!!)  Truthfully I didn’t want to just remember and thank God for these ten years just on the day of our anniversary.  I felt like we needed to have the year be one of reflecting and intentionally growing close together through some fun activities.


We sat down the other night and came up with ten ideas to do this year to remember —to remember that day back on August 7h, 2004 and everything that has happened from then up until now.

1. Spend 48 hrs with our feet in the sand minus the kiddos
2. Find a cooking class to do together
3. Visit a local brewery
4.  Run a 5K
5.  Take a picture in front of all the places we have lived (which is 9 by the way!)
6.  Go to a paint studio together and do an art class
7.  Try and get tickets to see Wicked on broadway
8.  Go for a day hike (the hubs is pushing to make this an overnight hike- and I’m not quite sure this girl is up for that much adventure)
9.  Take the family to Central Park & have a picnic lunch
10. ??

We still have one more to think of, if anyone has any suggestions!!!  Its fun thinking and planning some dates nights for this year!  I will be super happy if we get even half of these done, but I am shooting for them all by next August!



Hopefully I will post about our 10 on 10 adventures here, if not just for the accountability that we actually do them!!

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