Our Little Porch

Let me introduce you to my favorite room in my house—- the porch.


I figure its the right time to shine a light on her, because September is one of her favorite months.  She is a simple room, a little brisk air is when she breathes easiest.



When my husband and I walked through our house before we put an offer on it, we didn’t think much of it.  I don’t even remember talking about it.  Little did we know that she would become one of the most used spaces in our home.




Tons of conversations have been had here — roaring laughter that could be heard around the corner, goodbyes that have been hard to swallow.  Most importantly its a place where people feel comfortable to sit and linger.



Its not because she’s perfectly decorated or has the best furniture.  Her old wicker seating and rough outside carpet has seen better days.  We love her despite her worn edges and painted screens.  We love this porch so much because it is our respite; our oasis, our space.

It is the place we go to recharge and reflect.  We go to there for solice.  When we shut her door – the noise of life becomes a little quieter and we feel like this 12×10 space gives us the space we need to feel alive again.



In my mind, plays an ongoing movie reel of all of the people that have sat here and all of the conversations that has been had.

The magical thing about this porch is when you go out at dusk and get to witness the transformation that happens as dark approaches.  She begins to twinkle— I tend to think the porch prefers to be nocturnal.  Two simple strands of lights hide her imperfections and create an atmosphere for lingering.




DSC_0619I want to make sure we always have a space, that reminds us that is it okay to linger.  It is ok to stay up way too late, to have the best conversation of the week, to forget about the busyness of life and embrace the place where time ceases to exist.

That place for me right now is this little porch.



  1. It’s lovely! What a special little space to relax. We would LOVE to have a screened in porch one day.

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