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Fall and every beautiful thing that comes with it.  I am less of a September girl, but more of an October kind of person.  I love how fall means soups & crockpot meals are back in rotation, and I can finally leave the oven on and not feel like I am heating up my whole house!  Just the other day I was walking through Target and was so thrilled to see how Starbucks even has a new fall flavor for their chai tea, vanilla caramel!  They also have a pumpkin spice chai one, but this one tops all the others.  Gives you the perfect Starbucks flavor anytime you want— and you don’t break your wallet.



Parenthood S5

Season 5 of Parenthood on Netflix!  I know– how could I not have seen it???  We have a hard time being able to watch a show on a designated night because our schedule is too crazy.  So we are addicted to Netflix and watch most of our shows there.  We just watched episode one and in a sec I fell in love with all the characters again!!

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back to school

The 2.5 hours of quiet I get each day the big kids are in school, and the littlest naps.  This time, whether its spent painting, cleaning, cooking, reading, or just laying on the couch — balances me!!!  It completes me– cheesy right?!?  But seriously this time is so precious at this stage of life.  Starting today this will be my first full week of the kids in school and I can’t believe how every one has fallen into a rythym again.

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I was reading an old Cooking Light magazine of mine and saw a little article about these two sisters from the series, “Nashville”.  It said they were discovered from a youtube video, a song they covered got over 19 million hits. I know I am so behind the time, I am sure everyone already knows who they and have heard them but their voices are amazing!!! This is the Stella sisters singing a song about mother nature which seems perfectly fall approriate!



 Italian Chicken Soup is something I think my whole family would eat!!


 This quinoa chicken chili looks like it would freeze great for lunches.


 Love me some crock pot recipes, and this honey sesame chicken looks amazing!


 Another family friendly meal, and bonus she says it takes only 15 mins!


A Mama Collective


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  1. oooh the recipes look good. The middle one looks a lot like our fave chicken taco chili crock pot recipe!! So good! I love finding new soups to try in the fall! yum yum. And, I’m going to have to try that chai tea!!

  2. I love nexflix too! I am a binge watcher and love that I can watch a whole season or series in a short time. I haven’t watched Parenthood…I may have to add that to the list. I turn it on while Im crafting on my computer because Mickey Mouse is always on in the playroom. LOVE the show Nashville!!! Its a must see.

    • I have heard a lot about Nashville, it sounds good, is it on Netflix? We have a hard time watching shows on certain nights of the week. So I love a good season of something on Netflix!

  3. Oh, that new chai sounds delish! I need to try that quinoa recipe…i am a sucker for that stuff.

    • My sister makes that quinoa recipe all the time, she says it freezes perfectly! Can’t wait for crockpot season! Go get the chai tea!!!–its so good!

  4. I LOOOOVE Parenthood! I can’t wait for the new season to start, but I’m so sad that it’s the last one! Thanks for sharing that song. I hadn’t heard it before either! Also, just gotta say I love your name 😉

  5. That tea sounds amazing! And I’ve heard so much about the show, “Nashville,” I need to see what this is all about. Cute video.
    Have a great week!!

  6. Tiffany, I just found your blog from the Currently link up. First off, I love your design! You have such a pretty blog. I also feel that I *need* to try the Tazo Vanilla Caramel Latte now! It was great to get to learn about you through what you are doing ‘currently’. And I cannot wait to follow along, and learn more about you and your blog!

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