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How I am constantly still struggling with my confidence, even though by now I should be older and wiser!  Why is it that a simple negative comment can really make me feel like I could crumble.  I know when you blog and run your own business, you put yourself out there, you have to promote your stuff.  Part of the risk of doing that is that there will be people that don’t like it- and you have given them a forum to tell you.  Most ironic thing is that all last week I had been working on a post about courage, only to then end the week with feeling like I was all out of it.


I was in Barnes and Noble yesterday because my son had some gift card money to spend there, and I started just taking pics of books that look interesting to see if I could try and get them out of the library.  Anyone read any of these yet?  Would love a good recommendation!!

Thankful for:

The different routines I get to have with the kids in this new season.  Watching soccer games, and playing in the park after dinner.  I am trying to take advantage of walking the kids over to school, seeing that its only a half mile away.  It just seems like the walk over is a great time to talk before their day starts.  Conversation usually isn’t always deep but its more that I am leaving space for unhurried talk.  I am loving how when we get home my littlest and I usually make a smoothie to start the day.  I love the stage of life we are entering in – big kids are my new favorite!!



Trying to be more intentional about money spending habits for the next couple of weeks.  I always feel like the end of August- beginning of September is like a whirlwind of money demands.  School supplies, back to school clothes, sport sign ups, two birthdays this month, and school fundraiser stuff.  All of these additional things seem to have made our  budget take a hit, so I am going to try and do a little spending detox to gain control of the budget again.  I am going into this fully aware that whenever I do this, about 25 extra expenses happen that we weren’t planning for.



Worked on this sign for a couple days last week, and really loved using a new font style I haven’t used before.  I just started another sign this size with the same font.  It’s always fun to find a font type thats new that I am drawn too.  My goal of trying to fill up the shop before the holidays seems to be going well.  I am learning to embrace the slow pace I have right now with my little business, I always am wanting to do more and do it quicker.  But then I remember the whole point of this was to be able to have more time home with the kids.  Fitting the creating part in with three kids can be a little tricky, but being able to be home more is worth it.
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  1. Lori snyder says:

    Tiffany, my book club read The Husbands Secret, it was good.
    Check out What Alice Forgot, by the same author, also a good read!

  2. Girl I am so with you on the negative comment vibes. Sometimes I just have to not read the comments at all for fear of the dumb heartless ones. Courage isn’t not caring about what people say, it’s putting yourself out there in spite of it. Keep on keepin on, girl! You must be doing something right if people have an issue with it! :)

    • Thanks Kristen, its a hard lesson to walk through. But its comforting to know others have felt the same way, and keep sticking with it.

  3. Stopping by from the link-up…and love your blog! I haven’t read any of those books, but I’ve heard “eleanor & park” is really good. I just read “unbroken,” which was awesome too. And I’m with you on the spending freeze! My husband and I were just looking over our budget and trying to figure out where our money goes and how we can stay on top of things. It’s tough! Especially at this time of going into the holidays! But it’s worth it to not spend on frivolous things, and put money where it’s needed!

    • Thanks for stopping by! I am gonna have to check out ‘Unbroken”- saw Eleanor & Park by the teen reading table, but heard it was good too!

  4. Stopping by from the currently link-up. I actually just checked “Eleanor & Park” out at my local libraries and I’m really looking forward to reading it. I’ve heard it’s really good. It’s always fun to create new traditions with our kids. The walking to school together thing sounds like a great idea. It’ll give you lots of time to talk about everything that is important to your little one. My fiancé and I are doing the same thing in terms of money – we’re being extremely conscious of our spending habits. We have two birthdays, a wedding and a honeymoon in the next month… and then the holidays will be starting. It’s stressful, but doable! Wishing you lots of luck with that! I feel your pain. 😉

  5. Stopping by from the currently link-up…and I haven’t read any of those books, but they all look so good to me. I have heard good things about “Elanor & Park” and “The Husband’s Secret”. Also, so sweet that you are walking to school together, what a special time. :)

  6. I haven’t read any of those books yet, but they all look good! I might need to add a couple to my reading list. I love that sign! It is a perfect verse to have displayed in your home. It just calms me down immediately. Have a good week!

    • Awe thanks Megan! I love the sign too, and I am kinda sad to sell it because I agree – the verse it totally calming!

  7. Hugs. That happens to me too. Negative comments hurt no matter how old we are.
    Great idea on the spending detox. I should prob try that!!
    Beautiful sign- Love it!
    Stopping by from the link up ~Becky with Choose Happy

  8. The “big kid” season sounds so fun! I don’t have kids soon, but when I think of having them I always imagine my life with a baby. Imagining my kiddos a little older sounds fun too. I am glad you are getting to spend that sweet time with them!

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