All I have needed

Words hold meaning to me.

There is something special about choosing to put words on the walls of the home you live in.  They express your values, they show whats important to you.  Every sign that I work on speaks to me in some way, reminding me of a tiny droplet of truth.  When I choose a sign to display in my house, I make sure it will serve as a reminder to all who walk in.


I love this sign, and will be sad when the day comes when it sells.  It has been a great reminder that God has truly provided all we needed.  There may be times when I feel like something didn’t work out for us, but I look back and think was that really a need we had or was it something we just thought would make life easier.

Theres is this beautiful quiet surrender that happens when we comprehend that we can do no more.  When we trust that God is going to pick up the pieces and charge forward on our behalf as the ultimate provider.

There are stories upon stories of God providing for us; from boxes of diapers on our doorsteps, to helping pay off our debt, places to go for respite, and relationships that fed our souls when we were on empty.

My faith in God providing for the future comes from recognizing and remembering how He has provided in the past.  He has been faithful to my family, and He will continue to be faithful to us.


I want the kids to see the signs hanging in our house and always know that those words mean something to us.   They help us look back to the past with gratitude, they ground us in the present, and they secure us in our future.

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