Five on Friday


Sometimes these posts make me so happy because they get to be totally random, which is how my brain works 90% of the time!

1. Best Margaritas EVER

Since I am still coming off Craft Weekend and I keep thinking about how I want to go back some day, I am going to share the most amazing Margaritas I have ever had.  The recipe is over at Meg’s blog, look at her pictures of them don’t they look amazing! I think the key is adding a bottle of beer in at the end.  I am not a big beer drinker at all and it was amazing!!


2.  Cheesecake glorious cheesecake

One more foodie share is that Kimberlee makes one of the most amazing Cheesecakes I have ever had.  For real—there is Keebler Fudge cookies crushed up on the bottom.  Fudge Cookies people, not your plain old graham cracker crust – fudge cookies.  Say goodbye to clean eating and say hello to sweet goodness.  The recipe is from her friend and its over on Meg’s blog as well.  I feel like I walked away from the weekend with a bunch of new recipe ideas as well.  Well done ladies, well done.


3.  Powersheets

I bit the bullet and made an investment and bought Lara Casey’s Powersheets right before the new year.  These little sheets are incredible!  They have been super helpful for my little sign business and even with my family.  I love working through each sheet, and really taking my time as I create goals for myself and for my business this year.  Even though my strides feel more like baby steps, I am moving forward.  I am hoping that every year God allows me to work in the little shop that I just continue to strive to do better than the year before.


4.  Fixer Upper

Please tell me I am not the only one obsessed with this show!  HGTV delivers again with the most adorable family out in Waco, TX.  Not only do you spend the whole evening watching how they transform a nasty house into a charming little home, but you get to watch how their family lives out in Texas.  Her rustic style is so calming, she basically makes me want to paint all the walls in my house white!  If you like design and are looking for a new show, this one is super cute!!


5.  Signing off

I am going to start signing off for the weekends.  A little break from insta and facebook, just to allow myself to really take the weekends all in.  I still may post here and there but I want to try and put my phone away more than I go to pull it out.  My goal is to have my camera in my hand way more than my phone is.  I want to stop checking FB to see what everyone is doing, and start doing more with the people right in front of me.  I want to start to reflect a little more before and after each weekend.  So I can really soak it all in.


Whatever you do this weekend- enjoy it!  #choosejoy

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