Capturing our weekend


I was determined to put my phone down more this weekend and pick up my camera to capture what was going on.  I figured if I blogged about it, I better make it happen.

Friday started with a fun visit from my parents and then oh yeah no big deal, my husband decides to rip up the floor in the bathroom and retile it.  I mean why not?  We woke up Saturday morning to our first real snow, and the kids were so excited about getting out there.  They actually stayed out for a while because it wasn’t super cold.

Whenever I asked Leah to smile for me, she either shoved snow in her mouth or made these ridiculous faces for me.  She is our little ham and she knows it.  She cracks me up.




After being inspired at Craft Weekend, I am determined to bring my sewing machine out more, and staying home all day in our jammies was the perfect excuse!  Gracie was thrilled to use a real machine for the first time.  She made an adorable felt heart garland for our lack of Valentine’s day decor!

We ended our day with making some home made pizza, as some of us didn’t even end up showering till right before dinner.

As usual Leah hated something about dinner, and while the kids pizza was quite boring and plain, we went all out.  Disclaimer if you have never had Argula on top of your pizza you need to try it NOW.  Its amazing, just put some olive oil, lemon juice and salt and pepper on the argula, mix it up, and be over gracious with your amount you layer on.  Best part is that my friend Meg taught me this and since she has moved away, everytime I make it — I think about her and how crazy I thought she was when she first put lettuce on her pizza!!  My sincerest apologies girl, you were so right.

Sunday is a little to crazy for pictures but I managed to take some before we ate up our late night dinner once the kids went to bed.  We both agree that we can make sushi way better than we can buy it anywhere.  Helps that when you make it you can stuff it with tons of goodness.  Homemade sushi night and SNL is the perfect end to our weekend!


Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 7.06.55 AM


  1. That pizza looks really good!

  2. It looks like you all had a great weekend full of lots of family and what matters most! We made homemade pizza two weekends ago, always a family favorite! Hope you have just as great of a week!

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