Five on Friday


Another week – another five on friday.

Keeping it super simple and going through 5 of my favorite swag items we got at Craft Weekend!

1- The Turqouise Tomato




We got this beautiful leather cuff with a beautiful feather stamped on it.  Mine has the word FREE on the side.  Taking it as a beautiful reminder that I am free to just be me – as awkward, broken, and messy as that is.  Check out her shop on etsy!

2.  Ike & Co.


I have seen her shop before, and actually have a pair of her earrings, so I was super excited to open up a little box with her logo on it.  Inside was the cutest little rainbow beaded bracelet with a Kansas charm – of course!

il_570xN.710710630_uush il_570xN.685350610_4aum

My 7 year old daughter snagged this bracelet and wore it to school the day after I got back, to show all her friends where I went.  She said everyone at school knew why it was rainbow because of The Wizard of Oz — the cutest!!  Check out Ike and Co’s stuff on etsy – her stuff is just lovely!

3.  Stella Bella

iusb_760x100.13976915_ow7r il_570xN.708812721_eljnI might have squealed a little when these darling earrings came out during the swag giveaway!!!  They are called “Druzys” and these little earrings are the perfect amount of sparkle.  They would make the perfect gift for a friend on her birthday, at just $16 a pair.  I might be wearing them slightly excessively over the past two weeks!  Her jewlery has the perfect amount of vintage flair!  Check out her store on etsy!

4. Lori Danelle

Lori-Danelle_Makers-of-Art-and-Things BUSHEL-AND-A-PECK_Blue_11x14_LoriDanelle

We got a fabulous print by Lori Danelle, and I am still trying to figure out the best place to hang mine!  I love the colors and how whimsical the whole thing is.  She has some of the most fun prints in her shop, check it out!

5.  Jennifer Dahl Designs


Rainbow-Tiny-Prod-1We also got a beautiful necklace from Jennifer Dahl Designs.  Ours was very similar to this one except had the word WHATEVER on it, for of course whatever craft weekend!  You can get lost in her shop, looking at all her beautiful charms.  She also makes custom ones, which is a neat gift to give to someone.  Be sure to check out her shop.

***Well I sort of feel like Oprah – with the list of her favorite things!!  These were just some of the many sponsors we had for our weekend who spoiled us like crazy!!  To see a full list of all of our sponsors and tons of coupon codes for these amazing shops, check out Meg’s post!***

Happy Friday everyone!

















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Five on Friday


Sometimes these posts make me so happy because they get to be totally random, which is how my brain works 90% of the time!

1. Best Margaritas EVER

Since I am still coming off Craft Weekend and I keep thinking about how I want to go back some day, I am going to share the most amazing Margaritas I have ever had.  The recipe is over at Meg’s blog, look at her pictures of them don’t they look amazing! I think the key is adding a bottle of beer in at the end.  I am not a big beer drinker at all and it was amazing!!


2.  Cheesecake glorious cheesecake

One more foodie share is that Kimberlee makes one of the most amazing Cheesecakes I have ever had.  For real—there is Keebler Fudge cookies crushed up on the bottom.  Fudge Cookies people, not your plain old graham cracker crust – fudge cookies.  Say goodbye to clean eating and say hello to sweet goodness.  The recipe is from her friend and its over on Meg’s blog as well.  I feel like I walked away from the weekend with a bunch of new recipe ideas as well.  Well done ladies, well done.


3.  Powersheets

I bit the bullet and made an investment and bought Lara Casey’s Powersheets right before the new year.  These little sheets are incredible!  They have been super helpful for my little sign business and even with my family.  I love working through each sheet, and really taking my time as I create goals for myself and for my business this year.  Even though my strides feel more like baby steps, I am moving forward.  I am hoping that every year God allows me to work in the little shop that I just continue to strive to do better than the year before.


4.  Fixer Upper

Please tell me I am not the only one obsessed with this show!  HGTV delivers again with the most adorable family out in Waco, TX.  Not only do you spend the whole evening watching how they transform a nasty house into a charming little home, but you get to watch how their family lives out in Texas.  Her rustic style is so calming, she basically makes me want to paint all the walls in my house white!  If you like design and are looking for a new show, this one is super cute!!


5.  Signing off

I am going to start signing off for the weekends.  A little break from insta and facebook, just to allow myself to really take the weekends all in.  I still may post here and there but I want to try and put my phone away more than I go to pull it out.  My goal is to have my camera in my hand way more than my phone is.  I want to stop checking FB to see what everyone is doing, and start doing more with the people right in front of me.  I want to start to reflect a little more before and after each weekend.  So I can really soak it all in.


Whatever you do this weekend- enjoy it!  #choosejoy

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Five on Friday

Here we go again, thought we could start the new year with another Five on Friday!

Linking up with Darci from, the good life blog this week.




1- Whatever Craft Weekend

I am off to Wichita, KS this morning!  My friend Christine and I are going to Whatever Craft Weekend!  I feel like a giddy 12 year old waiting for her first sleepover!  Work on new craft projects – check!  Eat mouth watering food – check!  Pick up goodies at an antuque store – check!  Can it get any better?!?!  If you have never checked out Meg’s blog before, you need too right now.  Her pictures alone will inspire you, and within minutes you will be in awe of her beautiful crafty life!  Most excited to visit the “barn” and bring back some treasures.  We are actually checking empty bags for the flight there in hopes to fill them up with goodies to bring home!!


2- The Best Yes

Loading this book, The Best Yes, on my kindle for my trip.  I have read so many reviews on this book, that I couldn’t pass it up.  The amazon description alone, sucked me in: Cure the disease to please with a biblical perspective on love – escape the guilt of disapointing others by learning the secret of the small no.  Yes please!  Sign me up!  As a recovering people pleaser how could I pass up this book?



3- Friends

Not sure how I missed this – but every season of Friends is on Netflix!  Literally the perfect show to have on in the background as I work on my signs.  I have only seen episodes here and there on tv, so I am thrilled to watch it all.  Oh yes I am going to work my way through it!   Started right at the first episode in Season one and I am just moving along.



4- Letting go of stuff

My husband and I are are on this organizing- purge high right now and this quote is really what I want to focus on.  I know I hold on to way to many things that I got on sale years ago, or so and so gave me but I never use.  Suprisingly my husband is doing way better with this all.  Seriously I may be slighly nervous as I leave this weekend that I might come back searching for things he has thrown out.  It feels good to get rid of the clutter and simplify.  Its amazing how much stuff you just end up accumulating that just ends up sitting there.  I have a list of places in the house I want to go through and cleanse!  Not sure how he is going to feel as I lug back suitcases of goodies from Kansas – but he will just have to deal with it all.  I mean it could be worse right?



5- Projects & Chalk Paint

2015 is the year I will complete the list of projects in my head that I keep saying I want to do.  Since getting a pew from my parents house that was from the church I grew up at, I have debated painting it white.  Seven years later, I finally did it. And guess what it literally took 2 days, and was soooo easy.  I am moving righ a long to the coffee table and end table I had thrifted awhile ago, and let me just tell you it’s taking all the self control I have to not use chalk paint on everything in my house.  I have read about it for months now, and finally joined the club – I am hooked.  The matte finish, the way it distresses, I am obsessed.  I even saw somewhere you can make your own with paris of plaster or something.  Need to get on that quick!


Enjoy your weekend everyone!

This Jersey girl is headed out to Kansas to craft her little heart away!  Eeeek!!

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Five on Friday

Linking up with thegoodlife blog again this week for five on friday!



1.  Pillows



Amazing how a new throw pillow wakes up your whole living room!  I realize I totally might be the only one that is crazily moved by a new pillow, but I am owning it!  I just love how it can add a new dynamic to the room and how it can be done on the cheap as well.  New color, new season, a new change is sometimes all you need for a quick mood lift.  Welcome orange pillows, you will be loved!




2.  Creamer & Tea



I am sure somewhere in the Tea bible there is a cardinal rule of not putting coffee creamer in your tea.  I am here to tell you, I have broken the rule and it is so worth it.  I am a huge fan of london fogs, which is earl grey tea with vanilla and some extra milk, I guess this is kind of the cheaters way to a london fog; earl grey tea with french vanilla creamer!  You get the creaminess and the vanilla flavoring all in one.  Amazing!


3.  Divergent


I am sucker for a good book, and most of the times its some kind of self help book or spriritual book.  But every once a while sprinkled in is a total fiction novel that sweeps me to the land of make believe.  Been having a hard time meeting my 10pm bedtime routine with this one.  Has anyone read the series yet?


4. Fossil does it again!

I can’t even take how beautiful the new spring line at fossil is!  From the polka dots with the mint to the demin satchel to the color block pattern!  I can’t even pick a favorite, and good thing because the last thing I need right now is a new bag!  Although, a new wristlet wouldn’t hurt!!



5.  Snacks

Since we started this whole clean eating thing, I have had to be so intentional about having healthy snacks ready to go.  If its not easily accessible I am likely not going to make a good choice for a quick snack.  This week I am going to try and make these energy bites when I need a sweets fix!  Also would like to try and make my own cinnamon almond butter or some type of spread for apples or rice cakes.  I want to have some of this greek yogurt dip for fruits as well.  In the past couple of weeks I have found that if its not cut up and ready to eat, I overlook all healthy choices and retreat back to packaged staples; ie. chocolate covered anything, chips, and cookies!!

So happy its finally friday- this week was a long one!

Happy Friday everyone!

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Five on Friday

Linking up with thegoodlife blog for another five on friday



1. Aveda Hand Relief


This winter temps have been brutal on my hands!  I remembered my friend had this amazing hand lotion in her car once, and asked her what it was.  She told me it was aveda hand relief lotion, and when she came to visit she brought me one!  Its a little pricey, but was a treat for my hands and might be a yearly christmas present I request for myself!!


2.  Noonday Collection

Have you seen these amazing pieces yet?  I can’t even decide which piece I like the most, they are all beautiful.  Lets not even talk about this gorgeous bag they have!  I love a company, like Noonday, that has a great story and is committed to making a difference in the world.




If you are looking for a simple devotional or a direction for reading the word every morning, this is your ticket.   You basically just need your bible, a journal, and a computer.  Every morning from Monday to Friday, a new post goes up at the IF:Equip.  Right now they are going through the book of John.  I am loving this little time I get to have in quiet every morning.  I read the Bible selection and then answer the three questions, and watch a short video of some IF women discussing the verses.  This is a great way to get on some sort of devotional reading in during the week!


4. Clean Eating

So for a couple of weeks now, my husband and I, have been trying this clean eating thing.  Its basically a way to eliminate a lot of foods that have no nutritional value and replace them with tons of whole foods.  When we first started, sugar detox reared its ugly head the first week and it was bad!  Who knew we ate that much sugar, and our headaches would be that bad?  Now a couple weeks in, I am enjoying finding new recipes to eat and trying new foods.  I feel more confident when I am grocery shopping and now I know what foods to have on hand for when we are starving.  We try to live by the 80/20 rule, and eat as clean as we can for 80% of the time.  When we are out it seems to be the hardest, but slowly we are getting the hang of it.


5.  Balance


Even though I love all the different parts of my life, its sometimes hard finding a balance between them all.  This year I have loved fostering my creative side, opening up an etsy store, and still getting to be a stay at home mommy with my littlest.  But it still never fails that most days I struggle with keeping everything in balance.  I am trying to wake up earlier in the morning so that I can get a lot accomplished before the kids wake up.  I am attempting to try and take a social media sabbath once a week for a whole day to reconnect to my “reality”.  I am also starting to take care of myself more; getting enough sleep, eating healthier, exercising.  I am hoping that all of these things will help work together to bring more balance.  Any tips that you do to find more balance in your life?  I would love to hear them!


Off to enjoy the weekend and my family!!

Happy Friday

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Five on Friday

Linking up again with thegoodlife blog for five on friday..



Here are my random goodies this week.

1. Lasagna Soup

I know I complained about recipes on pinterest and how they fail often than they score, but this soup was such a win in my house.  It tastes exactly like your eating lasagna but even better because it didn’t take hours to make.  Even the kiddos asked for seconds!  Pair it with this to die for easy bread and you will be a hero!!  You need to make this soup before winter is over.


2.  Goodbye Winter


Speaking of winter being over, my cabin fever is out of control this winter.  Although I love a good snow storm and being cooped up in the house for the day, I think I am over it.  I want and need spring so badly this year.  I miss running in the mornings, bike rides, and playing outside.  I am craving hikes with the family, outside adventures, and grilling on the back deck!  I need the sun back in my life, shining on my face.  Spring cannot come soon enough for me.  I need the colors, the air, and the warmth that spring brings.

3.  Lent

Naptime Diaries 2014-February-0001


I am trying this year to think of how I can incorporate the season of lent in my own life and purposefully do some things with the kids.  I want to really try and figure out a way to have the days leading up to Easter be a time where we can all sort of declutter our minds and refocus on the meaning of Easter.  I have been seeing some things on pinterest for kids that I want to try.   Then  I saw this lent journal over at naptime diaries that I think would be neat to work through.  Anyone do anything for lent for yourself?  With your kids?


4.  Olympics


Are you watching the winter olympics???  I am loving watching all the events every night.  My husband and I are so into it and love hearing all the stories about all the Olympians and how they got to where they are now.  Those commercials where they have the athletes thank their moms for all they sacrificed gets me every time.  My favorite so far was the snowboard cross, its so intense and they are all crashing everywhere, its crazy!!  I am going to be so sad when its all over!   We will have to find a new series on Netflix to suck up all our time!


5.  Notes from a blue bike


I am loving this new book I ordered, Notes from a blue bike.  She presents how her family went on their journey to see how they could live more simply, fully, and intentionally.  This is a must read!  It’s challenging me to really look at our life and see how we can pare it down so we can in turn live more abundantly.  The chapters are short and engaging which is great for a mom that sometimes doesn’t have more than 5 minutes to read by herself.  I am slowly savoring the chapters as I read them!  Now only to work on actually implementing them.


Have a great weekend everyone!  Be sure to stop by my etsy shop and check out some new signs that just got finished!


Five on Friday

It seems like lately all I can handle is a five on friday post.

Life is loud and full right now and sometimes it even feels like its overflowing- and not in a good way.  I am trying hard to scoop up the moments and not think about what I am not doing but what I am helping shape in my littles.  Time feels slow, especially when you have tons of snow days, but I know it all passes like a blink of an eye.  Trying to make sure my eyes are open to see it all.

Feels good to be on here and writing.  Hoping to keep a somewhat consistent schedule on here from now on.  So here’s my light and fun random five things for this friday.

Linking up with thegoodlife blog.



1.  IF: Gathering


I am so excited to be attending this conference at a local simulcast.  A group of us are going to a beach house for the weekend and watching this friday and saturday!  Sadly the weather is not exactly beach weather (28 degrees) but we will be without kiddos so the time will be well enjoyed!  Can’t wait to see the speakers and just have time to actually think about things other than laundry and cooking!  Check out the website to see how you can watch along too!


2.  Knitting- Bear Cowl


Would you just die to see your littlest wearing this!!!  I am super excited to try to make this little puppy! Hopefully it’s actually doable!! Who knows, I just can’t take how cute the ears are on it.  May attempt to try it this weekend!

3.  TV


With the kids home two days this week from snow and ice, I was really hit with the lack of options with tv shows for them when they needed some down time.  There is like a missing gap of shows from dora and mickey mouse and then a jump to disney teen dramas.  We are not ready for shows about dating in this house!!!  Everytime they wanted to find a show on Netflix it was a continual battle of what they could and couldn’t watch.  I am realizing that 7 and 8 years old is a hard stage, its making me think that I definitely need to get them into some good classic shows.  Just put the first season of Little house on the prairie in my amazon cart.  Have such great memories of watching this show, I’m hoping they like it too!!

4.  Pinterest Fails


If I could even explain to you how many times I have made a recipe from pinterest only to be so disappointed by one of the top 10 amazing crock pot meals or delicious no sugar banana muffins.  I am so easily fooled by the amazing picture that looks so delicious.  I am learning that unless there is tons of comments of other people who made it, I am not even trying it.  Because let me tell you those no sugar, whole wheat banana muffins were like mini rocks with no flavor AT ALL!

5.  New Signs


I have been hard at work trying to make some new signs to put in the shop.  Some times it seems like all the stars align and I get 3 solid hours while the littlest sleeps to work, and other days I can’t even approach them.  I feel like I spent all of January just trying to catch up and clean up and organize from December.  Regardless, I am still loving it, and am even enjoying the custom orders coming in.  Its fun watching others people’s ideas become a real design!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!!!

Happy Friday!


Five on Friday

So linking up with thegoodlife to bring Five on Friday!!!


It’s been a long break but I am finally back on track.

Here’s five random things going through my mind right now…

1.  White Collar


If you are looking for a great show on netflix that has multiple seasons to suck you in with, this is the show!  Everyone will feel a little better with some Neil Caffrey in their life.  Put it in your que now!

2.  Freezing COLD

It has been so ridiculously cold here lately, like bone chilling hibernation cold.  I think it was a wind chill of -13 the other morning!  All I can do is think about how I wish I asked for one of these fabulous robes this year for christmas-

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 3.52.36 PM


3.  Saving Mr. Banks


If you haven’t seen this movie, you need to go see it!  I am such a big fan of the movie Mary Poppins so to see a behind the scenes of how the movie came about was just fascinating.  I am inspired to read the original books by P.L. Travers, can’t wait to get my hands on them and read them with my daughter!

4. Katie Daisy on Etsy

Loving these prints over on Etsy, by Katie Daisy!!!

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 4.09.35 PM

 5.  Puppy Advice?!?!


A new little four legged bundle of joy is arriving tomorrow and we are beyond excited!  The kids would be equally excited, if they knew! We are surprising them in the morning!  Anybody want to give me some good puppy tips, I already warned my husband that he is going to get a call this week with me sobbing crying about how the stinkin puppy won’t go to the bathroom while we are standing outside freezing!!!  Wish me luck!!!

Enjoy the weekend!  I have a lot of signs to work on this weekend–can’t wait!!!  Check out my new gallery page on the blog to see some pictures of finished pieces.




Five on Friday is back!

Its been a couple weeks off but Five on Friday is back!  Linking up with the good life blog to share my five favorite things right now.


Welcome to five totally random things going on in my head!!!

1. Peppermint everything!!

I may be a tad excited that stores start putting out Christmas items the day after Halloween.  It just means that I get to enjoy that peppermint goodness even longer.


2.  The Greatest Gift

I got this book yesterday and I am so excited to read this as a journey towards Christmas.  Its set up so you read a selection every day from December 1st to December 25th.  Helps that I love AnnVoskamp!!!



3.  Cranberry English Muffins

If you like cranberries like I do this is amazing!!  A new winter season favorite!!


4.  Tazo JOY tea

If you like black tea you need to get to starbucks as soon as possible and try one and buy yourself a box before you leave!  I was with a friend at the mall and almost squealed with excitement when I saw this little red tin!!  Welcome back my all time favorite tea!!



5.  Gloves

I am in love with these gloves I spotted over on etsy!! If only they were the actual thing and not just the pattern to make them!!



Have a great weekend!! So happy its FRIDAY!!!



Five on Friday

Linking up for another week of five on friday with the good life blog!



1. London Fog


If you haven’t tried this, you need too! I saw a friend post about it, and I am hooked.  It’s super easy to make at home and I am loving it right now.  You just brew a cup of Earl Grey tea, add some vanilla syrup and then add some more milk than normal.  I have read adding steamed milk in it, takes it to a whole new level!  Added bonus is I heard you can get it at starbucks, however a quick trip to target and I easily bought a bottle of french vanilla syrup, and at home I just add extra milk not steamed!  Try it, you will thank me later! My biggest problem right now is figuring out how many london fogs in one day is too many…..3?!?!


2.  Shauna Niequist



I am trying to get my hand on these three books, so badly.  I even ventured to the library to see if I can request that they get them from another library!  Cold Tangerines I have heard so much about, its about seeing God in our everyday and how when we begin to do that our awareness of God infuses everything around us.  Her book Bread and Wine is a collection of essays about finding joy around the table and families and relationships and the meals that bring us all together.  Her book, Bittersweet, is a collection of essays written about the bittersweet moments in life and how we really do need the bitter moments and the sweet!  Can’t wait to read them all!    p.s. Her dad is Bill Hybles!


3.  Halloween


Can you stand the cuteness of this picture?  We had a great night!!


 4.  Blue Tub


In our house as soon as the temp begins to drop the blue tubs begin to appear.  I am convinced they are the best solution to chapped lips and you may find like six or seven hidden in different spots in our house! Long live the blue tub!


5.  Etsy Love

While I load things in my shop and what not, I have been strolling around etsy browsing their millions of beautiful things.  I am loving this latte set right now.  Its a collaboration between jessicaNdesigns & NSPottery.  You get to choose one of the adorable handmade spoon sayings, I love the “morning sunshine” one.  I am constantly saying that to my kiddos!


That’s it for this week, have a wonderful weekend.  Its suppossed to rain here, which is ok because I have tons of work to do thats due the next couple of weeks!