Come thou fount

il_570xN.669933717_pfsjThere is something so comforting about a song that has been sung for generations, knowing the words have provided comfort to so many.  I grew up in a little church where I stood next to my parents singing the iconic hymns each and every Sunday.  I can remember walking into my grandmothers house and hearing the old hymns being played as she worshiped God right in her home.  We may not have the heavy burgundy hard cover hymnals in my church anymore but I know my kids need to hear those words that were so beautifully written by men and women before our time.

One of my favorite hymns is “Come Thou Fount”.  This classic points us right to the book of 1 Samuel, where Samuel is raising an Ebenezer towards the Lord.  I love how the Ebenezer, a stone of remembrance, is a reminder to have an attitude of gratitude.  Pointing us to recognize how God has helped us in our times of need.  Samuel writes in chapter 7, how we are to commit to the Lord – all of our hearts.  The Hebrew word, commit, means to be fixed, established, and founded.  He urges the Israelites who have just confessed their sins before the Lord and are about to be attacked again, to commit to the Lord.  This hymn continues with the iconic words, of bind my wandering heart to thee.  Showing us that Samuel knows how hard it will be for the Israelites to keep their hearts committed to God.


When singing the words to this song, our voices still cry out for God to bind our wandering hearts to Him.  We are all prone to wander, we are all prone to leave the God whom we love.  We are still being delivered by the same God again and again, the very same God who saved the Israelites so many years ago.  Asking Him, to take our hearts and seal them for the courts above.

Let us grasp the importance of not only singing these words but actually raising our Ebenezers to God, the one who never ceases.

I will remember the deeds of the Lord yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago.  I will meditate on all your works and consider your mighty deeds.  – Psalm 77:11-12

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Currently (Vol.9)

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Thankful for:

Places of respite where we can go and refuel.  We got to go away for a few days to the beach at the end of September and it was perfection.  Exactly what we needed, family time to just be together.  No agenda, no schedule, no obligations, just white space.  I’m talking about the white open space on our calendar, it makes me excited just thinking about it.  I am a firm believer that everyone needs white space every now and then– even if it has to be scheduled!!




Never have I been so excited to read a book, than this one!  “Empowered” is my husband’s new book that he wrote about embracing God’s commission and how to live in a way that exudes Christ.  My husband has been working so hard the past couple of months, writing this!  It has been a privilege to have a front row seat and watch God work through His words.   Proud of him for sticking with it and really bringing to life an important message!  Also its so fun to type his name in on Amazon and find his book!



Can’t wait to go see Gone Girl at the movies.  It’s always fun to go see a movie when you have already read the book.  I read the book last year so I am sure I won’t pick up on all the details that don’t align anyway!



Soup and bread making started last night at our house, which is always exciting for me.  Not only is it super easy but leftover soup is always the best!   If you looking for a super easy fool proof bread recipe, this is your ticket.  Last night I mixed some Italian seasonings into it and it went perfectly with the pesto tortellini soup.


The other week when I signed into my Etsy shop, I realized that it’s been a whole year since I took the leap and opened the shop.  Looking back I am glad I did because not only has it given me a creative outlet the past year, but its really helped me grow in so many areas of my life.  Its taken me totally out of my comfort zone, and pushed me to a place thats a little uncomfortable.  To celebrate we are offering 20% from now till Wednesday on all existing pieces in the shop.  We even made a Facebook page this week and an Instagram account, @thelovelymosaic  — finally right!

It’s amazing the places God will take you when you release control about knowing where it will end up!  Humbled to be in the place that I am, and excited to see where He leads me in the future!

Have a great week everyone!

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Currently (Vol 7)

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Thinking about:


How I am constantly still struggling with my confidence, even though by now I should be older and wiser!  Why is it that a simple negative comment can really make me feel like I could crumble.  I know when you blog and run your own business, you put yourself out there, you have to promote your stuff.  Part of the risk of doing that is that there will be people that don’t like it- and you have given them a forum to tell you.  Most ironic thing is that all last week I had been working on a post about courage, only to then end the week with feeling like I was all out of it.


I was in Barnes and Noble yesterday because my son had some gift card money to spend there, and I started just taking pics of books that look interesting to see if I could try and get them out of the library.  Anyone read any of these yet?  Would love a good recommendation!!

Thankful for:

The different routines I get to have with the kids in this new season.  Watching soccer games, and playing in the park after dinner.  I am trying to take advantage of walking the kids over to school, seeing that its only a half mile away.  It just seems like the walk over is a great time to talk before their day starts.  Conversation usually isn’t always deep but its more that I am leaving space for unhurried talk.  I am loving how when we get home my littlest and I usually make a smoothie to start the day.  I love the stage of life we are entering in – big kids are my new favorite!!



Trying to be more intentional about money spending habits for the next couple of weeks.  I always feel like the end of August- beginning of September is like a whirlwind of money demands.  School supplies, back to school clothes, sport sign ups, two birthdays this month, and school fundraiser stuff.  All of these additional things seem to have made our  budget take a hit, so I am going to try and do a little spending detox to gain control of the budget again.  I am going into this fully aware that whenever I do this, about 25 extra expenses happen that we weren’t planning for.



Worked on this sign for a couple days last week, and really loved using a new font style I haven’t used before.  I just started another sign this size with the same font.  It’s always fun to find a font type thats new that I am drawn too.  My goal of trying to fill up the shop before the holidays seems to be going well.  I am learning to embrace the slow pace I have right now with my little business, I always am wanting to do more and do it quicker.  But then I remember the whole point of this was to be able to have more time home with the kids.  Fitting the creating part in with three kids can be a little tricky, but being able to be home more is worth it.
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Currently (Vol. 5)

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Thinking about:


Thanksgiving and Christmas already!!! This year I am determined to be ahead of the game and be prepared for the holidays.  So I have already started making some designs for the holidays!  I was so swamped with custom orders last year that I think I only ended up making two christmas signs!  I am so grateful for my awesome hubs who has been helping me cut, sand, and stain wood in the garage all weekend!  There is no way I would be able to do all that I do without his help and his time!  He’s a catch, and I am glad he’s mine!!



orphan train cover-001

Just picked up “The Orphan Train” from our library this week, and I am excited to open it up and get lost in a story.  I have a strange addiction to self help books (not really something you should say to people) but every now and then I have to force myself to get lost in a pretend world and let my imagination create images of characters and scenery.  Also bonus, I am planning to watch the movie after, something I have always loved doing.

Thankful for:


Some good nights of sleep, I have been trying to so hard to be in bed by 10pm, so I can be awake at 6, shooting this week for 5:30 as some of my littles have been waking up before 7!  Do these kids not understand how much mama needs her hour alone!  I have found that if I go to bed any later than 10, my body feels like a thousand pounds and I can’t somehow move it out of my bed.



Jumping on the “Zoodle” train and trying out some zucchini noodles for some quick easy lunches.  With a little garlic, onion, and red pepper flavoring some hot oil, the noodles sorry zoodles are quickly flavored and become just lovely as they simmer with some other summer veggies.

Preparing for:

School to begin!  I can’t believe this is our last full week of summer.  A massive part of me is craving a schedule again and cannot wait to not feel guilty in the afternoons when I am painting as they zone out on electronics!! (shh don’t tell please!) But this may be the first summer part of me is seriously sad that the long drawn out mornings are over, and the business begins again.  I’ll miss how I can’t just on a whim decide what we will do that day, or how bathing suits have become a respectable daily outfit choice.  As September comes, I’ll send them off and hold dearly to the memories we created this summer.




My favorite drink at my favorite little coffee shop.  Sent here by my favorite hubby— all by myself!!!


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Five on Friday

It seems like lately all I can handle is a five on friday post.

Life is loud and full right now and sometimes it even feels like its overflowing- and not in a good way.  I am trying hard to scoop up the moments and not think about what I am not doing but what I am helping shape in my littles.  Time feels slow, especially when you have tons of snow days, but I know it all passes like a blink of an eye.  Trying to make sure my eyes are open to see it all.

Feels good to be on here and writing.  Hoping to keep a somewhat consistent schedule on here from now on.  So here’s my light and fun random five things for this friday.

Linking up with thegoodlife blog.



1.  IF: Gathering


I am so excited to be attending this conference at a local simulcast.  A group of us are going to a beach house for the weekend and watching this friday and saturday!  Sadly the weather is not exactly beach weather (28 degrees) but we will be without kiddos so the time will be well enjoyed!  Can’t wait to see the speakers and just have time to actually think about things other than laundry and cooking!  Check out the website to see how you can watch along too!


2.  Knitting- Bear Cowl


Would you just die to see your littlest wearing this!!!  I am super excited to try to make this little puppy! Hopefully it’s actually doable!! Who knows, I just can’t take how cute the ears are on it.  May attempt to try it this weekend!

3.  TV


With the kids home two days this week from snow and ice, I was really hit with the lack of options with tv shows for them when they needed some down time.  There is like a missing gap of shows from dora and mickey mouse and then a jump to disney teen dramas.  We are not ready for shows about dating in this house!!!  Everytime they wanted to find a show on Netflix it was a continual battle of what they could and couldn’t watch.  I am realizing that 7 and 8 years old is a hard stage, its making me think that I definitely need to get them into some good classic shows.  Just put the first season of Little house on the prairie in my amazon cart.  Have such great memories of watching this show, I’m hoping they like it too!!

4.  Pinterest Fails


If I could even explain to you how many times I have made a recipe from pinterest only to be so disappointed by one of the top 10 amazing crock pot meals or delicious no sugar banana muffins.  I am so easily fooled by the amazing picture that looks so delicious.  I am learning that unless there is tons of comments of other people who made it, I am not even trying it.  Because let me tell you those no sugar, whole wheat banana muffins were like mini rocks with no flavor AT ALL!

5.  New Signs


I have been hard at work trying to make some new signs to put in the shop.  Some times it seems like all the stars align and I get 3 solid hours while the littlest sleeps to work, and other days I can’t even approach them.  I feel like I spent all of January just trying to catch up and clean up and organize from December.  Regardless, I am still loving it, and am even enjoying the custom orders coming in.  Its fun watching others people’s ideas become a real design!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!!!

Happy Friday!


Five on Friday

So linking up with thegoodlife to bring Five on Friday!!!


It’s been a long break but I am finally back on track.

Here’s five random things going through my mind right now…

1.  White Collar


If you are looking for a great show on netflix that has multiple seasons to suck you in with, this is the show!  Everyone will feel a little better with some Neil Caffrey in their life.  Put it in your que now!

2.  Freezing COLD

It has been so ridiculously cold here lately, like bone chilling hibernation cold.  I think it was a wind chill of -13 the other morning!  All I can do is think about how I wish I asked for one of these fabulous robes this year for christmas-

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 3.52.36 PM


3.  Saving Mr. Banks


If you haven’t seen this movie, you need to go see it!  I am such a big fan of the movie Mary Poppins so to see a behind the scenes of how the movie came about was just fascinating.  I am inspired to read the original books by P.L. Travers, can’t wait to get my hands on them and read them with my daughter!

4. Katie Daisy on Etsy

Loving these prints over on Etsy, by Katie Daisy!!!

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 4.09.35 PM

 5.  Puppy Advice?!?!


A new little four legged bundle of joy is arriving tomorrow and we are beyond excited!  The kids would be equally excited, if they knew! We are surprising them in the morning!  Anybody want to give me some good puppy tips, I already warned my husband that he is going to get a call this week with me sobbing crying about how the stinkin puppy won’t go to the bathroom while we are standing outside freezing!!!  Wish me luck!!!

Enjoy the weekend!  I have a lot of signs to work on this weekend–can’t wait!!!  Check out my new gallery page on the blog to see some pictures of finished pieces.




New Creative Outlet

So even though I’ve hinted that I opened up an Etsy shop, I have never really just come out and said it!

I am excited to officially say that I finally mustered up enough courage to jump out of my comfort zone and start selling some of my work.

I have always loved to do anything crafty, from sewing to decoupaging!  So this whole sign painting thing just started as a “lets see if I can do this” kind of thing, and now has progressed into a full blown love with each piece of battered wood.

I keep seeing signs that have a perfectly painted background or a cute chevron print behind a saying, and I think that I should look for wood a little more perfect.  But the beauty of this new love is that each piece of wood is hammered and roughed up, and its really the words that make the wood come to life again.  Its interesting how much the process of redeeming old wood fulfills my creative cup, and how the words I am imprinting on it give it so much value.

I am excited to see where this dream goes, and if it only goes as far as decorating my own wall with these pieces I will truly be just as happy!  So many of the pieces I am hesitant to even list because I know the perfect spot in my home that I want to hang them!

Check it out here, thelovelymosaic, my new creative outlet!!

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