Five on Friday


Sometimes these posts make me so happy because they get to be totally random, which is how my brain works 90% of the time!

1. Best Margaritas EVER

Since I am still coming off Craft Weekend and I keep thinking about how I want to go back some day, I am going to share the most amazing Margaritas I have ever had.  The recipe is over at Meg’s blog, look at her pictures of them don’t they look amazing! I think the key is adding a bottle of beer in at the end.  I am not a big beer drinker at all and it was amazing!!


2.  Cheesecake glorious cheesecake

One more foodie share is that Kimberlee makes one of the most amazing Cheesecakes I have ever had.  For real—there is Keebler Fudge cookies crushed up on the bottom.  Fudge Cookies people, not your plain old graham cracker crust – fudge cookies.  Say goodbye to clean eating and say hello to sweet goodness.  The recipe is from her friend and its over on Meg’s blog as well.  I feel like I walked away from the weekend with a bunch of new recipe ideas as well.  Well done ladies, well done.


3.  Powersheets

I bit the bullet and made an investment and bought Lara Casey’s Powersheets right before the new year.  These little sheets are incredible!  They have been super helpful for my little sign business and even with my family.  I love working through each sheet, and really taking my time as I create goals for myself and for my business this year.  Even though my strides feel more like baby steps, I am moving forward.  I am hoping that every year God allows me to work in the little shop that I just continue to strive to do better than the year before.


4.  Fixer Upper

Please tell me I am not the only one obsessed with this show!  HGTV delivers again with the most adorable family out in Waco, TX.  Not only do you spend the whole evening watching how they transform a nasty house into a charming little home, but you get to watch how their family lives out in Texas.  Her rustic style is so calming, she basically makes me want to paint all the walls in my house white!  If you like design and are looking for a new show, this one is super cute!!


5.  Signing off

I am going to start signing off for the weekends.  A little break from insta and facebook, just to allow myself to really take the weekends all in.  I still may post here and there but I want to try and put my phone away more than I go to pull it out.  My goal is to have my camera in my hand way more than my phone is.  I want to stop checking FB to see what everyone is doing, and start doing more with the people right in front of me.  I want to start to reflect a little more before and after each weekend.  So I can really soak it all in.


Whatever you do this weekend- enjoy it!  #choosejoy

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Five on Friday

Here we go again, thought we could start the new year with another Five on Friday!

Linking up with Darci from, the good life blog this week.




1- Whatever Craft Weekend

I am off to Wichita, KS this morning!  My friend Christine and I are going to Whatever Craft Weekend!  I feel like a giddy 12 year old waiting for her first sleepover!  Work on new craft projects – check!  Eat mouth watering food – check!  Pick up goodies at an antuque store – check!  Can it get any better?!?!  If you have never checked out Meg’s blog before, you need too right now.  Her pictures alone will inspire you, and within minutes you will be in awe of her beautiful crafty life!  Most excited to visit the “barn” and bring back some treasures.  We are actually checking empty bags for the flight there in hopes to fill them up with goodies to bring home!!


2- The Best Yes

Loading this book, The Best Yes, on my kindle for my trip.  I have read so many reviews on this book, that I couldn’t pass it up.  The amazon description alone, sucked me in: Cure the disease to please with a biblical perspective on love – escape the guilt of disapointing others by learning the secret of the small no.  Yes please!  Sign me up!  As a recovering people pleaser how could I pass up this book?



3- Friends

Not sure how I missed this – but every season of Friends is on Netflix!  Literally the perfect show to have on in the background as I work on my signs.  I have only seen episodes here and there on tv, so I am thrilled to watch it all.  Oh yes I am going to work my way through it!   Started right at the first episode in Season one and I am just moving along.



4- Letting go of stuff

My husband and I are are on this organizing- purge high right now and this quote is really what I want to focus on.  I know I hold on to way to many things that I got on sale years ago, or so and so gave me but I never use.  Suprisingly my husband is doing way better with this all.  Seriously I may be slighly nervous as I leave this weekend that I might come back searching for things he has thrown out.  It feels good to get rid of the clutter and simplify.  Its amazing how much stuff you just end up accumulating that just ends up sitting there.  I have a list of places in the house I want to go through and cleanse!  Not sure how he is going to feel as I lug back suitcases of goodies from Kansas – but he will just have to deal with it all.  I mean it could be worse right?



5- Projects & Chalk Paint

2015 is the year I will complete the list of projects in my head that I keep saying I want to do.  Since getting a pew from my parents house that was from the church I grew up at, I have debated painting it white.  Seven years later, I finally did it. And guess what it literally took 2 days, and was soooo easy.  I am moving righ a long to the coffee table and end table I had thrifted awhile ago, and let me just tell you it’s taking all the self control I have to not use chalk paint on everything in my house.  I have read about it for months now, and finally joined the club – I am hooked.  The matte finish, the way it distresses, I am obsessed.  I even saw somewhere you can make your own with paris of plaster or something.  Need to get on that quick!


Enjoy your weekend everyone!

This Jersey girl is headed out to Kansas to craft her little heart away!  Eeeek!!

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Five on Friday

Linking up with thegoodlife blog again this week for five on friday!



1.  Pillows



Amazing how a new throw pillow wakes up your whole living room!  I realize I totally might be the only one that is crazily moved by a new pillow, but I am owning it!  I just love how it can add a new dynamic to the room and how it can be done on the cheap as well.  New color, new season, a new change is sometimes all you need for a quick mood lift.  Welcome orange pillows, you will be loved!




2.  Creamer & Tea



I am sure somewhere in the Tea bible there is a cardinal rule of not putting coffee creamer in your tea.  I am here to tell you, I have broken the rule and it is so worth it.  I am a huge fan of london fogs, which is earl grey tea with vanilla and some extra milk, I guess this is kind of the cheaters way to a london fog; earl grey tea with french vanilla creamer!  You get the creaminess and the vanilla flavoring all in one.  Amazing!


3.  Divergent


I am sucker for a good book, and most of the times its some kind of self help book or spriritual book.  But every once a while sprinkled in is a total fiction novel that sweeps me to the land of make believe.  Been having a hard time meeting my 10pm bedtime routine with this one.  Has anyone read the series yet?


4. Fossil does it again!

I can’t even take how beautiful the new spring line at fossil is!  From the polka dots with the mint to the demin satchel to the color block pattern!  I can’t even pick a favorite, and good thing because the last thing I need right now is a new bag!  Although, a new wristlet wouldn’t hurt!!



5.  Snacks

Since we started this whole clean eating thing, I have had to be so intentional about having healthy snacks ready to go.  If its not easily accessible I am likely not going to make a good choice for a quick snack.  This week I am going to try and make these energy bites when I need a sweets fix!  Also would like to try and make my own cinnamon almond butter or some type of spread for apples or rice cakes.  I want to have some of this greek yogurt dip for fruits as well.  In the past couple of weeks I have found that if its not cut up and ready to eat, I overlook all healthy choices and retreat back to packaged staples; ie. chocolate covered anything, chips, and cookies!!

So happy its finally friday- this week was a long one!

Happy Friday everyone!

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Five on Friday is back!

Its been a couple weeks off but Five on Friday is back!  Linking up with the good life blog to share my five favorite things right now.


Welcome to five totally random things going on in my head!!!

1. Peppermint everything!!

I may be a tad excited that stores start putting out Christmas items the day after Halloween.  It just means that I get to enjoy that peppermint goodness even longer.


2.  The Greatest Gift

I got this book yesterday and I am so excited to read this as a journey towards Christmas.  Its set up so you read a selection every day from December 1st to December 25th.  Helps that I love AnnVoskamp!!!



3.  Cranberry English Muffins

If you like cranberries like I do this is amazing!!  A new winter season favorite!!


4.  Tazo JOY tea

If you like black tea you need to get to starbucks as soon as possible and try one and buy yourself a box before you leave!  I was with a friend at the mall and almost squealed with excitement when I saw this little red tin!!  Welcome back my all time favorite tea!!



5.  Gloves

I am in love with these gloves I spotted over on etsy!! If only they were the actual thing and not just the pattern to make them!!



Have a great weekend!! So happy its FRIDAY!!!



Five on Friday


Linking up with the good life, for five on friday again.

Here’s my five random things for this week!

1. Multigrain chips


If you haven’t tried these chips yet, you need too.  Costco sells a massive bag and we use them for everything!  I even got the hubs to switch out tortilla chips for these when we make nachos!!

2.  New Jacket

Its is freezing here this week, and with my hubs refusing to turn the heat on till November 1st, well lets just say its cold!!  Every time I go to pick up the kids from school and the wind is whipping I think about how much I want this jacket!! Of course I love all things that are way over priced!! I am on the look out for a coupon code for macys or anywhere that sells North Face.  I will stalk this puppy until the price is right, which could be never but I am patiently waiting.

3.  Harney & Sons Tea


Found this amazing tea at a hotel we stayed at and I am slowly drinking the 4 tea packets I smuggled off the “free” tea cart.  The paris blend is my favorite, and once again my tastes buds are higher priced than my budget.  But I may treat myself one day to a box to savor during these cold months.

4.  Halloween Treats


I am going to attempt to make these for my son’s halloween class party! I think the kids will love them and its a double score because it contains no nuts!! There is a recipe over here at Mix and Match Mama!

5.  Painting


Loving my newest piece over in the shop!  I am secretly praying no one buys it so I can keep it!!

Have a great weekend!




Five on Friday


Linking up with The good life blog, for another random 5 things!

Here we go-


1. Chobani

Seriously when they came out with the this


it would be my go to snack with a handful of sliced almonds.

However I caught glance of this at the grocery store the other day


and clearly they have surprised me again! Its AMAZING!!!!

I usually don’t like pineapple stuff but mixed with the coconut its so good!

2. Fossil bags

Loving all the new fossil bags that came out this fall.  I am a sucker for all things fossil!

I may have to take a trip to Macys, in November of course, so I can actually touch and feel them all! I know I have problems!

3.  Fall Crafts

I have been pinning so many fall crafts for the kids on pinterest, I thought I need to start doing these things!  My older two had off from school Monday for Columbus day and it was the perfect time to do some crafting.

Gracie loved them all!

She collected a lot of leaves and acorn tops outside, and we got to work.  We glued leaves in her notebook and thought about what we could draw to make the leaves become part of her art!  We settled for a princess and a racoon, and made a castle for them!

Then we painted the inside of acorn shells, making “gems”!  So funny how you can take something so silly and just call it something special and it all of a sudden becomes a treasure.  I love this age!  She literally was occupied for hours doing these two activites! Thank you pinterest!

4. Starbucks Tumbler


I actually had to go buy another one of these cups for my husband’s birthday because we were fighting so much over the one I already had.  We can be very possessive over things in our house, so to prevent any more fighting I gave in and bought a #2 of the favorite cup!  At $9, you can’t beat the price and I sort of feel like when I make an iced chai tea latte it came from the lovely green store- just without the price tag!  Washes great in the dishwasher, which is also a plus!

5.  JJ Heller – Who You Are

Heard this song the other day and loved it! So good to be reminded that even though we may not always understand why things are happening to us, we always know who God is.  I need to cling on to that promise daily.

Have a great weekend!


five on friday

So I am linking up with the good life blog again for five on friday!

I always love fridays, because my older 2 are at school and its just me and the hubs and the little lady!

Here are some random things for this week!

1.  Books

I love reading and am always looking for a new book!  I have heard great things about The Happiness Project and just put it on hold on the library!  I keep waiting for them to call me that its in.  I finally got around to reading Gone Girl, and I loved it.  It was the perfect book to read over the past weekend when we were at the beach!  Had me religiously turning the page until the end,.  Right now a women’s group I am in is reading Becoming Myself and I am only on Chapter 3 and love so many things she says!  Any good book recommendations out there?!?!

2.  Toasted Coconut Cashews

I love anything coconut and at life group yesterday I tasted one of the best snacks EVER!  These cashews are covered in toasted coconut flakes, and literally it may be my new favorite thing!!!  I was told that they sell them at Costco but I will be checking out amazon to see if I can get a little prime free shipping action on them!


3.  Stell and Dot

I am loving these earrings over at Stella and Dot!  Earrings seem to be go to accessory because my two year old seems to think my necklaces are her own pull toys!  Loving all the colors selections they have!

4. Homemade Bread

I am determined to make this homemade bread this week!  I am dreaming up a nice little Italian dinner with this lovely bread to accompany it.  My friend says its super easy and delicious!  I love reading all the variations you can make with it as well, the lemon, rosemary, and Gruyere sounds amazing!

crusty bread 192

5.  B.B. Cream

If you haven’t tried this yet, you NEED too.  Its like God’s gift for those wonderful dark circles that come after two or three kids.  Its a no brainer, no risk, choice, and for about eight bucks you can’t go wrong.  Try it today, for real.


On that note, have a great weekend!


five on friday

Linking up again with the good life for five on friday!

Can’t believe this was our last week of September! Here’s whats going through my mind right now!

1. DIY

Here’s a peek into our home life.  During the chaotic hour of dinner prep, on the oldest’s birthday, I notice a piece of wallpaper edge staring at me.  I pull it without really thinking and a massive strip ended up coming off all the way to the ceiling!  Now mind you, over the last year, we have removed wall paper from like 70% of our house, and this is the one room that is left.  I hate it and the fact that its in the kitchen, my constant place of residence, makes it all the worse.  Well within minutes our little DIYers were all over it, pulling wallpaper down like they were trained monkeys!! Now to just pull it off above the cabinets, and begin stripping the glue backing from the plaster walls, ehh!

2.  Nail polish

essie-vested-interest-swatch-2My new favorite color for the fall is Essie, Vested Interest.  At first I felt a little, wicked witch of the west, from the green hue.  But the longer I wore it the more I loved it.  I am loving these colors as well, the blueish purple would be a little daring but I think I would end up liking it!

3.  Top Coat


Speaking of nail polish, my beautiful trendy younger cousin steered me in the direction of this top coat for nails, and I swear by it now.  I got Out the Door in a beauty supply shop for only $4, so worth it!

4. Thrive Moms


I was reading a blog and stumbled on a great new resource for moms, Thrive.  Its a place where moms can come and be encouraged that God desires us to not just survive this stage of life but “thrive”.  They just started up and I feel passionate about supporting the work they are doing to inspire all moms out there.  They have a great blog, a prayer team, and even community groups they want to form for moms to be encouraged by one another.  Check it out and sign up for their newsletter!  Sometimes community with other moms, is closer than you think.  Take the first step and check out their website!

5.  Shoe Obsession


I was out shopping this weekend with my sister and sister in laws, and spotted the new toms ballet flats.  They are so adorable and so much more comfortable than the regular toms.  They are double the price (ahh) but they do have so much more structure and a padded insert for the sole.  I am in love with the ones where the toes are two toned!  Just got my first pair of toms a couple of weeks ago, now I am already loving these!  They are addicting!

Have a great weekend!!!


Five on Friday

Not to rub it in or anything but this Friday I am waking up at the beach!

Linking up again with The Good Life for five random things on Friday.

1.  My oldest is 8

This week my oldest is turning eight, and we snuck away to celebrate the big guy this weekend!

How did we go from this to this?  Time flew by….


2.  Erin Condren

I am loving my Erin Condren planner this year.  I paid a little extra to have it for 18 months, and it was such a good decision.  I totally am aware that is it a lot to spend on a planner, but it has everything!  I had one a couple of years ago and it was such a treat that I enjoyed the whole year!


3.  Boot obsession

All I can think about is boots this year!  I haven’t officially worn them yet, but its just around the corner.  Seriously what did I wear before boots were in?!  I am seriously the type of person that stalks people with cute boots.  I have even walked up to complete strangers and asked where their boots were from.  Good thing I did too, because a girl wearing a pair I loved got them at payless last year and I scored them for $36!  You can’t beat that!  Its fun to find a cute alternative at a cheap price!!  I am eyeing a pair at Nordstrom right now I saw on pinterest, as you can imagine they are not $36.  So I am checking constantly to see when they go on sale!


4.  Pumpkin Spice Brownies

My sister made this amazing dessert, off of pinterest!  Super simple, and right up my alley since its a “fall” dessert!!   Love that they call it a skinny pumpkin spice brownie, as if it makes you skinny —*wish*!


Making these for our next life group!

5.   Mini Wholly Guacamole

Can we really say how happy it makes me that things are being packaged mini!  Not only do I love the mini hummus you can get at costco.  Life just got so much better that Guacamole comes mini.  I still prefer homemade but when I am craving mexican this is beyond perfect!  Found mine at Target, will be going back there for more!!!


Have a great weekend!


five on friday…starbucks and leather cuffs

Yeah for friday!

I am partial to fridays being one of the best days of the week because its my hubs day off!!

Linking up to the good life blog with another week of five completely random things that are going through my head right now!

1. Coffee lovers out there—your beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte is back!  PSL is the new lingo that’s plastered all over Starbucks these days.  While I was there this week I saw  Chocolate Chai Tea Latte at Starbucks!?! I am not sure if it would be good or should those flavors even be mixed? Has anyone tried it? I am a lover of all things Chai but I haven’t been able take the jump and try this new drink. Maybe as soon as the weather drops slightly lower than the 91 degree day we had this week! What is with this weather!!! I want fall and scarf season and leaves changing colors and a nice brisk breeze!


2. My first week home with just one child was unreal! I remember when my oldest two were 2 and 3 years old and I never thought the time would come when they would be in school all day! Sort of a surreal moment in motherhood, a distinct change in life. Feels slightly strange to be the mom with older kids in grade school all day. Leah and I enjoyed a great week together and the change of pace felt nice!


3. Have you seen these adorable leather cuffs over at Farmgirl Paints? I am loving the thick black or brown leather one with a circle pendant, thinking I may add this to my list of gift ideas for the hubs to get!! Trying just to decide what inscription I would get. Love all her styles. Her etsy shop is taking the month of October off to open in November for the holidays, but check out her blog to see all her styles.


4. Dr. Oz swears by it, which means my mom swears by it, which in turn led me to trying it, and I must say its a winner. Felt like turning thirty meant I should sort of begin having some type of nightly routine with my face, besides just a make-up remover cloth. Can’t beat this jar from St. Ives for $5. I am totally hooked, although I think they should really stick Dr. Oz’s face on the side, just for advertisement sake!


5. Having two kids in school all day meant I had to pack two lunches everyday!  Ehh…worst part about back to school. This year I am trying something new, I did a lot of searching around and finally went with easy lunch box containers. So far they have been working out great, I even bought some silicone cupcake liners to use inside the container to put trail mix or some crackers in. Most reviews I read said they would hold up in the dishwasher well and will not bend in the heat. So happy we tried them out this year!


Enjoy your weekend!  Get outside its supposed to be beautiful weather!!!