five on friday…starbucks and leather cuffs

Yeah for friday!

I am partial to fridays being one of the best days of the week because its my hubs day off!!

Linking up to the good life blog with another week of five completely random things that are going through my head right now!

1. Coffee lovers out there—your beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte is back!  PSL is the new lingo that’s plastered all over Starbucks these days.  While I was there this week I saw  Chocolate Chai Tea Latte at Starbucks!?! I am not sure if it would be good or should those flavors even be mixed? Has anyone tried it? I am a lover of all things Chai but I haven’t been able take the jump and try this new drink. Maybe as soon as the weather drops slightly lower than the 91 degree day we had this week! What is with this weather!!! I want fall and scarf season and leaves changing colors and a nice brisk breeze!


2. My first week home with just one child was unreal! I remember when my oldest two were 2 and 3 years old and I never thought the time would come when they would be in school all day! Sort of a surreal moment in motherhood, a distinct change in life. Feels slightly strange to be the mom with older kids in grade school all day. Leah and I enjoyed a great week together and the change of pace felt nice!


3. Have you seen these adorable leather cuffs over at Farmgirl Paints? I am loving the thick black or brown leather one with a circle pendant, thinking I may add this to my list of gift ideas for the hubs to get!! Trying just to decide what inscription I would get. Love all her styles. Her etsy shop is taking the month of October off to open in November for the holidays, but check out her blog to see all her styles.


4. Dr. Oz swears by it, which means my mom swears by it, which in turn led me to trying it, and I must say its a winner. Felt like turning thirty meant I should sort of begin having some type of nightly routine with my face, besides just a make-up remover cloth. Can’t beat this jar from St. Ives for $5. I am totally hooked, although I think they should really stick Dr. Oz’s face on the side, just for advertisement sake!


5. Having two kids in school all day meant I had to pack two lunches everyday!  Ehh…worst part about back to school. This year I am trying something new, I did a lot of searching around and finally went with easy lunch box containers. So far they have been working out great, I even bought some silicone cupcake liners to use inside the container to put trail mix or some crackers in. Most reviews I read said they would hold up in the dishwasher well and will not bend in the heat. So happy we tried them out this year!


Enjoy your weekend!  Get outside its supposed to be beautiful weather!!!