Five on Friday


Another week – another five on friday.

Keeping it super simple and going through 5 of my favorite swag items we got at Craft Weekend!

1- The Turqouise Tomato




We got this beautiful leather cuff with a beautiful feather stamped on it.  Mine has the word FREE on the side.  Taking it as a beautiful reminder that I am free to just be me – as awkward, broken, and messy as that is.  Check out her shop on etsy!

2.  Ike & Co.


I have seen her shop before, and actually have a pair of her earrings, so I was super excited to open up a little box with her logo on it.  Inside was the cutest little rainbow beaded bracelet with a Kansas charm – of course!

il_570xN.710710630_uush il_570xN.685350610_4aum

My 7 year old daughter snagged this bracelet and wore it to school the day after I got back, to show all her friends where I went.  She said everyone at school knew why it was rainbow because of The Wizard of Oz — the cutest!!  Check out Ike and Co’s stuff on etsy – her stuff is just lovely!

3.  Stella Bella

iusb_760x100.13976915_ow7r il_570xN.708812721_eljnI might have squealed a little when these darling earrings came out during the swag giveaway!!!  They are called “Druzys” and these little earrings are the perfect amount of sparkle.  They would make the perfect gift for a friend on her birthday, at just $16 a pair.  I might be wearing them slightly excessively over the past two weeks!  Her jewlery has the perfect amount of vintage flair!  Check out her store on etsy!

4. Lori Danelle

Lori-Danelle_Makers-of-Art-and-Things BUSHEL-AND-A-PECK_Blue_11x14_LoriDanelle

We got a fabulous print by Lori Danelle, and I am still trying to figure out the best place to hang mine!  I love the colors and how whimsical the whole thing is.  She has some of the most fun prints in her shop, check it out!

5.  Jennifer Dahl Designs


Rainbow-Tiny-Prod-1We also got a beautiful necklace from Jennifer Dahl Designs.  Ours was very similar to this one except had the word WHATEVER on it, for of course whatever craft weekend!  You can get lost in her shop, looking at all her beautiful charms.  She also makes custom ones, which is a neat gift to give to someone.  Be sure to check out her shop.

***Well I sort of feel like Oprah – with the list of her favorite things!!  These were just some of the many sponsors we had for our weekend who spoiled us like crazy!!  To see a full list of all of our sponsors and tons of coupon codes for these amazing shops, check out Meg’s post!***

Happy Friday everyone!

















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Five on Friday


Sometimes these posts make me so happy because they get to be totally random, which is how my brain works 90% of the time!

1. Best Margaritas EVER

Since I am still coming off Craft Weekend and I keep thinking about how I want to go back some day, I am going to share the most amazing Margaritas I have ever had.  The recipe is over at Meg’s blog, look at her pictures of them don’t they look amazing! I think the key is adding a bottle of beer in at the end.  I am not a big beer drinker at all and it was amazing!!


2.  Cheesecake glorious cheesecake

One more foodie share is that Kimberlee makes one of the most amazing Cheesecakes I have ever had.  For real—there is Keebler Fudge cookies crushed up on the bottom.  Fudge Cookies people, not your plain old graham cracker crust – fudge cookies.  Say goodbye to clean eating and say hello to sweet goodness.  The recipe is from her friend and its over on Meg’s blog as well.  I feel like I walked away from the weekend with a bunch of new recipe ideas as well.  Well done ladies, well done.


3.  Powersheets

I bit the bullet and made an investment and bought Lara Casey’s Powersheets right before the new year.  These little sheets are incredible!  They have been super helpful for my little sign business and even with my family.  I love working through each sheet, and really taking my time as I create goals for myself and for my business this year.  Even though my strides feel more like baby steps, I am moving forward.  I am hoping that every year God allows me to work in the little shop that I just continue to strive to do better than the year before.


4.  Fixer Upper

Please tell me I am not the only one obsessed with this show!  HGTV delivers again with the most adorable family out in Waco, TX.  Not only do you spend the whole evening watching how they transform a nasty house into a charming little home, but you get to watch how their family lives out in Texas.  Her rustic style is so calming, she basically makes me want to paint all the walls in my house white!  If you like design and are looking for a new show, this one is super cute!!


5.  Signing off

I am going to start signing off for the weekends.  A little break from insta and facebook, just to allow myself to really take the weekends all in.  I still may post here and there but I want to try and put my phone away more than I go to pull it out.  My goal is to have my camera in my hand way more than my phone is.  I want to stop checking FB to see what everyone is doing, and start doing more with the people right in front of me.  I want to start to reflect a little more before and after each weekend.  So I can really soak it all in.


Whatever you do this weekend- enjoy it!  #choosejoy

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Whatever Craft Weekend


I am still in shock that I flew to KANSAS and got to sleep at the craft house!!!  It was everything I had hoped it would be and more!  There is still part of me that wishes I walked a little slower through the house and let myself really soak up how beautiful every detail was.



We seriously sewed and crafted till 2 in the morning each night.  We ate the most beautiful and mouth watering food you could imagine (Kimberlee makes a cheesecake that ALONE was worth the whole trip)!!  We made new friends and shared stories about life and family.



Right away I realized how fast this Jersey girl talks and how programmed I am to want to do everything so quickly.  I literally kept waiting for a schedule to be passed out, when in reality there was one rule  ** You were not allowed to clear your plate, ever**.  At one point I realized we were all still sewing our aprons when we were supposed to be getting ready to leave to go shopping.  Looking around the table, I realized no one cared.  No one was in a rush.  Everyone was perfectly content just sitting and crafting.


I felt God reminding me, in so many ways, to SLOW down, and to enjoy the freedom to be creative, to chat, and to just linger a little longer.  It’s so hard sometimes to really linger.  To let the schedule disappear, forget about the demands of life, and get lost in a project.  To tap into a side of your brain that often gets passed by because we don’t have “enough time” or “enough energy” to really let our creative juices flow.



My greatest take away from the weekend was realizing that I can make this kind of time a priority in my normal life, away from the magical craft house.  As beautiful as this craft house is, and as endearing as Meg is as she empowers us to tap into our creative juices; the weekend really just gave us freedom to make being creative a priority.



I don’t want to think anymore that I don’t deserve that freedom, or that I can’t have it.  Being creative is so fulfilling for me, it fills a cup I forget is even empty to begin with.

The value of that lesson is priceless, friends.

Now go right now, and get your name on that list for Craft Weekend!  Right now people, I mean it!

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And yes we had to leave some “Lovely Mosaic” swag for Meg while we were there!

Five on Friday

Here we go again, thought we could start the new year with another Five on Friday!

Linking up with Darci from, the good life blog this week.




1- Whatever Craft Weekend

I am off to Wichita, KS this morning!  My friend Christine and I are going to Whatever Craft Weekend!  I feel like a giddy 12 year old waiting for her first sleepover!  Work on new craft projects – check!  Eat mouth watering food – check!  Pick up goodies at an antuque store – check!  Can it get any better?!?!  If you have never checked out Meg’s blog before, you need too right now.  Her pictures alone will inspire you, and within minutes you will be in awe of her beautiful crafty life!  Most excited to visit the “barn” and bring back some treasures.  We are actually checking empty bags for the flight there in hopes to fill them up with goodies to bring home!!


2- The Best Yes

Loading this book, The Best Yes, on my kindle for my trip.  I have read so many reviews on this book, that I couldn’t pass it up.  The amazon description alone, sucked me in: Cure the disease to please with a biblical perspective on love – escape the guilt of disapointing others by learning the secret of the small no.  Yes please!  Sign me up!  As a recovering people pleaser how could I pass up this book?



3- Friends

Not sure how I missed this – but every season of Friends is on Netflix!  Literally the perfect show to have on in the background as I work on my signs.  I have only seen episodes here and there on tv, so I am thrilled to watch it all.  Oh yes I am going to work my way through it!   Started right at the first episode in Season one and I am just moving along.



4- Letting go of stuff

My husband and I are are on this organizing- purge high right now and this quote is really what I want to focus on.  I know I hold on to way to many things that I got on sale years ago, or so and so gave me but I never use.  Suprisingly my husband is doing way better with this all.  Seriously I may be slighly nervous as I leave this weekend that I might come back searching for things he has thrown out.  It feels good to get rid of the clutter and simplify.  Its amazing how much stuff you just end up accumulating that just ends up sitting there.  I have a list of places in the house I want to go through and cleanse!  Not sure how he is going to feel as I lug back suitcases of goodies from Kansas – but he will just have to deal with it all.  I mean it could be worse right?



5- Projects & Chalk Paint

2015 is the year I will complete the list of projects in my head that I keep saying I want to do.  Since getting a pew from my parents house that was from the church I grew up at, I have debated painting it white.  Seven years later, I finally did it. And guess what it literally took 2 days, and was soooo easy.  I am moving righ a long to the coffee table and end table I had thrifted awhile ago, and let me just tell you it’s taking all the self control I have to not use chalk paint on everything in my house.  I have read about it for months now, and finally joined the club – I am hooked.  The matte finish, the way it distresses, I am obsessed.  I even saw somewhere you can make your own with paris of plaster or something.  Need to get on that quick!


Enjoy your weekend everyone!

This Jersey girl is headed out to Kansas to craft her little heart away!  Eeeek!!

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